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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Granny!!

Happy Birthday to my Granny....

I've not blogged in a week, and irked at myself.. I had things I wanted to blog on, and took pictures and everything.  But life gets in the way, and I suppose it wasn't really important anyway.

Tomorrow is my dear Granny's 84th birthday.  

Here's Granny with her fifth great-grandchild.. my gorgeous little niece, Rebecca. :)  Isn't she just a doll!?!?

Granny was still young when I was born.  I was her first grandchild.  She was still young enough, she could have had more children still.  But she'd stopped years before, bearing only my mother and my aunt.   Short neat hair she'd put a "rinse" on, and blue eyes that looked at you and meant business.  Smart, quick, matter of fact, trim, neat, tidy, and full of the quintessential Southern pride.  Third eldest of thirteen children, raised in the flat lands of South Georgia.  How Southern?  She did, and to this day pronounces "our" as "a-ver", and "window" as "winder".  :)   Love it.  She is one of the remote few people I've known who has a heavier Southern accent than I do.  *laughs*

She married young, to her sweetheart.   They loved each other, and were happy.  Married over 60 years.   It often struck me, how even after all those years, they still held hands, and my grandpop still thought my granny was the prettiest girl in the room. :)   

She's widowed now.  She's the mother of two.  The grandmother of seven.  And the great grandmother of six.  

Happy Birthday Granny.  I love you!!

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