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Monday, April 15, 2013

Tea Deprivation, Fried Bologna, and Earth Mother Soup

Today was the official *Day One* of making changes to what me and my family are eating.  I have vowed that half of what we consume needs to be vegetables, and though we are not 'going vegetarian', we are definitely going more plant based and closer to the earth.  

So last night I, (in the spirit of starting things off right), had some stir fried cabbage for my dinner.  I wanted something "yummy" after the cabbage.. so I consulted one of my books and made my first "healthy" dip/spread.   I used a can of black eyed peas, drained and poured into my Ninja.   I peeled several cloves of garlic,  and added those, along with a drizzle of sesame oil and a bit of soy sauce and some dill.  Even the kids liked this.  The garlic is super strong, with a bite to it... but pretty tasty with sweet crunchy carrots. :)   We are safe from the Cullens.  Hahaa!

However, this morning my stomach let me know it was greatly displeased with me after the cabbage and bean dip from last night.  Undaunted, I was feeling rather happy and excited about this new journey, and after all, it was all delicious (all that good fresh stuff!) and I was "going to DO this!".  

Heading into the kitchen, I felt very aware of 'not' getting the tea from the pantry.  I have made a pitcher of tea every morning ever since we got married.  I make it fresh in the morning and we drink it during the day.  It felt weird to not make a big gallon pitcher of sweet tea.... but ... I don't want all that sugar.
Instead I dutifully ignored the tea and poured a big glass of water with lemon.   I missed my tea.   And I am not giving up caffeine.  Well.. I might later but it's not a priority right now.  I am wondering if I can get where I can drink a cup of tea with just a teaspoon of honey and lemon?    Instead of all sugared up and milky? 
What about my iced tea?  Can I learn to drink it unsweetened?    We should drink more herbal teas too.   And again, without all the sugar I am used to.  Gah.  It's going to take some getting used to.  

Breakfast... Instead of making myself a fried bologna sandwich like I REALLY wanted...  Nope... I toasted some Ezekiel bread with only a 'bit' of blueberry preserve.  (See my halo?  Haha..  I was also proud of myself for not touching the butter that was calling my name).
My stomach growling, (wanting that fried bologna I denied it, and is already saying, "Are you KIDDING ME?") I put on a simmering crock pot of "Earth Mother Soup", (for supper... soup is very comforting), steamed a dish of sprouted brown rice, (not a vat of it like my stomach wanted), and made a nice bowl of crunchy cabbage salad that we can eat today and tomorrow.  Looking in my fridge, I saw tomatoes that were getting "iffy", so I pan-fried slices of green tomatoes.   (waste is sinful, right?)  I ate two slices, and my stomach was VERY unimpressed.  

There's leftover pork in the fridge that can be eaten with the rice or crumbled into the soup.    There's also leftover bean dip I made last night that is quite good...  We need to get the mindset of having meat "with" dinner instead of "for" dinner.  More raw foods, such as the crunchy cabbage salad.  

My stomach is REALLY peeved at me.  I know a bad stomach ache is coming.  This happens every time I make the move to more natural foods.  It's a shock to the system.   My body will get used to this, right?

Earth Mother Soup can be made many, many ways... love is the main ingredient!   Today's Earth Mother Soup recipe is: 

In the crockpot, measure out 2 cups of Bob's Red Mill Whole Grains and Beans Soup Mix, and 8 cups of water.  Add 2 cut up carrots, 1 cup of shredded cabbage, 1 can of organic diced tomatoes, and about a cup of dried mushrooms, which I chopped up before adding.  Salt and pepper, minced garlic, (a big tablespoon) and a bay leaf.  It's a nice thick soup.  Very tasty.  You can add meat or whatever you want to it. 

Crunchy Cabbage Salad recipe~  a head of cabbage shredded, a carrot shredded if you would like, apple cider vinegar & sesame oil.  It should have sprouts and watercress in it, but I will have to do without.  I plan to get a sprouter asap.  I can add flax seed... better than nothing.. and some dill.  Toss it all together.. lovely.  I even added a few English peas for interest. 

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