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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Anniversary Treasure Hunting

Do you like thrift stores?  My family and I do.  I love going from thrift store to thrift store, rummaging through bags and boxes to find treasures.  Sometimes we leave empty handed.  Sometimes we hit pay dirt.

This past weekend was a long one for us.  Sort of a mini, at-home vacation.  It was our 19th wedding anniversary.  Our girls decided to order pizza for themselves and have a "sister day", and hubby and I spent a lazy couple of days sleeping in, then him serving me breakfast in bed, (Yes, he's a great guy!  Yes, I think I'll keep him!), and then spending our days holding hands, having a nice drive and enjoying the sunny weather, and treasure hunting.

Out of the four stores we visited during our long weekend, I did manage to find some treasures.  Two books on Medjugorje, and some 'small' items... including some incense, decorative curtain rods, and a small cabinet that Mark will put up for me.  Here's my favorite find of all: 

Anchor Hocking "Savannah" casserole, in perfect condition.  I was thrilled.  They don't make these any more... not sure, but I believe they made these in the 80s.  Not that I'm an authority or anything.  Trust me, I'm not. :)

I also found a pink, natural salt rock tea light candle holder.  I've been wanting one. :)   The one I picked up is very similar to this one:

My last 'favorite item' is something to keep me busy.

You may not can tell, but this is actually a dozen skeins of yarn, plus a large roll of purple ribbon.  Be proud of me.. I refrained from openly doing a "happy dance" right there in the store.  Haha!


  1. Susan,

    Happy Anniversary! Did you get married on my birthday, 30th April? I should have remembered sooner. Sounds like you had a very happy day together.

    I love your treasures! It's great fun looking in second-hand shops. I used to do it all the time when we lived in town. I bought so many bargains the house became cluttered. Periodically I had to sort through our belongings, and then return those things I didn't really need, back to the charity shops.

    What are you going to knit with that wonderful pile of yarn?

    1. Thanks for commenting Sue! Yes, we had a lovely day. I was pleased with all the goodies we found. :)

      When I get too many "pretties" that I've collected, I either donate them all back, or give them away.. otherwise I can get over-run with them! :)

      My yarn will be made into hats. Hahaha I really need to learn to make other things instead of just hats all the time. :)