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Friday, May 13, 2011

Kitchen Garden~ Ginger

I'd read somewhere online that you can basically make a garden out of just kitchen scraps.  Neat idea!!   I buy fresh ginger to use in cooking, and to slice for ginger tea.   So the last time I bought ginger, I bought a piece to root.   I carefully read how several people had done theirs, and chose the method that sounds the best (easiest) to do.  :)  

I took my piece of ginger, and wrapped it in a wet paper towel and put it inside a plastic "clamshell" container that had held gourmet doggie biscuits.   I set the container in my dark pantry, and waited.  I think it took about 3 weeks or so.. maybe longer... I'm not sure to be honest but it darn sure took a while.  I'd take it out once a week or so and re-wet the paper towel and check to see if I saw any rot spots or anything, and wearing a clean wet paper towel, the ginger went back into his "house", and back into the dark pantry.   After patiently waiting a few weeks, I finally saw some action.  My ginger sprouted!!

I put the ginger (as directed via the directions I'd found) in a flower pot full of good rich soil, lying on *top* of the soil, with a little soil on top but not covering.  The site where I'd found the directions say that ginger loves humidity.  Well, since I think Florida is the humidity capitol, then no problemo.  LOL   I am anxious to see how my ginger does. :)

Since I was "playing in the dirt" anyway, I planted a pot of aloe for my kitchen..  Now if I can stop being lazy and clean the pepper seeds I have, I can plant those too. :)

I am excited.  Hubby has a co-worker who has a farm here, and he grows and sells organic veggies, free ranged eggs, and (I think) grass fed beef.     Hoping this will be what I hope it is, and will work out to be some good wholesome organic foods we can buy.    Nicer still, that he is someone my husband knows.  

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