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Monday, July 18, 2011

BFF's, Acceptance, Faith, and Catholic Bashers

Warning:  I am blogging (complaining) this particular entry... quite honestly because I don't have a "BFF" to call up and whine to.  Blogging is a good outlet for me...  I can get things off my chest, talk about things, and if someone is interested (or bored) they can read... and if they don't care to read, that's fine too, and I've not wasted their time.  

Okay.  Now that I've got my defensiveness out of the way...  let me just say how angry Catholic bashers make me!!   An acquaintance posted wanting 2 main differences between Catholic and Protestants.  I posted that we Catholics love and respect Mary and do not "worship" her as many think that we do, and that she is blessed and chosen among women.. she gave birth to Him, and loved Him and nursed Him.  So she deserves our love and respect.   As a convert, I know first hand that most Protestants virtually ignore Mary unless it's Christmas time for some inane reason.   The other difference I listed is that Jesus founded the Catholic Church Himself, and St Peter was our first Pope.   Protestants came about when some didn't like how things were run and so they "protested" (which is where Protestant comes from) and they wanted to do things their own way.   They don't agree with each other either, that's why there are so many different denominations of protestant out there.   When Protestants left the Catholic Church, they took the bible with them that we ALL used, and took out the parts they didn't want.  And that's why the Catholic bible has more books in it.  It's not that we have extra... the Protestants just don't have them all.   Look, I was raised Southern Baptist.  It was not something I "got" overnight.  I was freaked out by the extra books.   I was freaked out by Mary and Saints and rosaries and everything else.  But I learned, and I understood.  When you learn the history, then you KNOW.  You can't help but know.   This is not me being critical of Protestants.  There are some fine protestant churches out there and some very wonderful Christians out there who love God with all their hearts and have beautiful prayer lives.  I don't deny that.  But for pity's sake.  The question was, "what are two differences?".  Yes, there are many more, more that I could have chosen to name.  But I chose those two.   And what do you think the response was?   BURN THE CATHOLIC!!

Well, not in those exact words.  But I got chewed out, and ripped to shreds.  How Dare Me!!   One thing that seriously irks me, is that everyone is so hell bent on "open-mindedness" and being "accepting" and "tolerant".  What a load!!  What that spells out to me is that I am supposed to be "tolerant" of whatever horse-noise they want to come up with, and I'm supposed to smile and say "that's nice".  AS LONG AS I AM NOT TOO CATHOLIC About it!! 
So here's a newsflash.  I am a Catholic.  A hard-core, dyed in the wool, Pro-Life, faithful to the Magisterium, kneeling, rosary praying, holy card carrying Catholic!!   I may not be the best Catholic.  I may be sinful and not the brightest crayon in the coloring box sometimes.  I may not be very good at Apologetics.  I may not know all the answers and facts.  But I do have one thing... I have FAITH!!    

Oh.... wait.  I do have a BFF.  His name is Jesus. :)


  1. Susan, well said!! I get fed up of having to be apologetic and middle of the road about our Faith, just in case someone is upset. But the Truth is the Truth. Some Protestants deny we are Christians so perhaps they'd object to you having Jesus as your best friend. But he's my best friend too. And though I have never met you and only know you through the Internet, I am sure we'd be pretty good friends, Susan. You can tell a lot through a good FB poke! With love xxx

    PS Glad to see you back here at your blog. Who's listening and who cares? Me!

  2. Thank you Sweet Sue!! I KNOW we'd be close friends! One day we are going to have to finally meet! :) God Bless you Sweet Sister!! <3 <3 <3