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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day

Today... is Mothers Day.... and I am thinking to myself how blessed I am..

My own mom is 62... she'll be 63 in July.   It was great spending time with her and Daddy yesterday.  I talked to her earlier, and my Granny is going to Mom & Dad's house for dinner today.  Daddy's going to put ribs on the grill.  Momma fixed peas, and fresh snapped green beans with little red potatoes.  Sounds wonderful. 

My parents... and my granny.. are just simply the best.  Yes, my parents drive me crazy sometimes and I know I drive them crazy sometimes too, but I love them so much!!   And my granny?  *smile*  Granny is Awesome!!   She is the matriarch of our family... a true Southern Belle.  I've often thought there is a direct line... from Granny, to Momma, to me, and to my eldest daughter Amy.  A line of Belles.  Unfortunately the changing world waters us down a bit with each new generation.  We Southern women somehow just lack some of that grace that our Grandmothers had.  

I have friends who have lost their mothers.  I know ladies who's children have moved away, and unfortunately for whatever reason an adult child no longer calls their mom... not even today, on Mother's Day.  I cannot imagine how bad that hurts.  I realize how blessed I am.   Though our family is far from perfect, we are very close.   I can't imagine NOT spending time with my own mom... or my girls not at least calling me on Mother's Day.  

My babies....  great grand-daughters of my Belle grandmother.. :)  are close with each other, and with me.  I think of how so many are not "close"... and that makes me realize how blessed I am.  

My daughter Amy gave me a beautiful gift yesterday.... she told me that she felt closer to me than she has in years... I started to cry, and just hugged her.  My adorable bald headed, dimpled, brown eyed baby grew up into a beautiful young woman, and she is maturing.. and now she is 'getting' it.  That everything I've ever said, or done, was because I love her and her lil' sister more than anything in this world.  I am my girls' biggest fan, biggest cheerleader.  No matter what my girls ever do in life, I only want their happiness.   

I know that one day, in God's own time, my girls will be mothers themselves... and that line will move to those future little Belles...   I know that I have not been a perfect mom, but I've always done the best I know how... even if I did the wrong thing, ultimately I did it for the right reason... and I know that my girls will be amazing mothers themselves one day.  I hope that one day, years from now, my daughters, on Mother's Day, will too reflect on their lives, and their families... and will also be able to know how blessed they are.  ♥


  1. Awwww! Love it! This is a beautiful post. Felt like you were spinning out a memory. Very lovely to read in the retelling. :) May God continue to bless you, dear friend!

    1. Hi Susan,

      Darlene is right: this is a beautiful post! Being a mother is tough but it's the moments like you describe that make all the difference and keep us going. I am so glad you had a very blessed Mother's Day!

  2. Thank you Darlene and Sue! God is so good! Hope both of you lovely ladies had happy Mother's Days as well. :) ♥