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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Matter

 I Matter

Maybe not everyone thinks so.  But I do.  I matter.   I am a person.  I have thoughts, feelings, and a heart.   I hurt.  I cry.  I live, laugh, and love.  My feelings are hurt when someone thinks I am "weird", "mental", "too religious", or whatever ugly label you want to give me.

Maybe I am a little weird.  So what?  Aren't we all a little weird in our own way?  Just because I have a different view of things than you does not make me "weird".  It only means I have my own opinion.  It doesn't hurt or take away from 'your' opinion... Can't two "adults" agree to disagree without labeling?

Maybe I 'am' a little mental.  What's your definition of "mental"?   Someone who thinks different?   Someone who prefers a natural approach to things?   A Catholic?   Someone who does not conform and thinks for themselves?

What if someone says I am "too religious".   Hmmm... what does this person think of priests and nuns?   Certainly no one would accuse them of being "too religious" since being "religious" is "expected" of them.   Why do you feel I am 'too' religious?   Because I don't hide my faith and save it for mass on Sunday?  Does it bother you that I actually try and live my faith?  Does the fact that I love my faith take away my worth as a person in your eyes?   Am I too uncool for you?  Or you think I don't have the right "quality"?

Here's something for you to put in your pipe and smoke....   I matter.  I matter because I was created by God, and he made me the way I am as part of His plan.  My flaws are my own, and not His.  God does not make junk.  He does not make things that don't matter.  

Whether or not you think I "matter" or not, does NOT matter.  I am not here to please you, or anyone else.  This is not a popularity contest, and not a test on being "cool" or whatever.   

If you think I am "too religious", then I'd say (a), you don't know me as well as you think you do, and (b) is something nagging your conscience, perhaps stirring up a little guilt?   Jesus said we would suffer for Him...  and any Christian that does not hide their beliefs DOES... but we can't really complain... after all, look what they did to Him.   If they're going to crucify Jesus Himself, then being annoyed by some middle aged Catholic woman is nothing.  Trust me... you're not hurting me.   I just feel sad that you have shunned me because my faith 'bothers' you.... 

So, my being "weird", "too religious" and "mental" doesn't really sound too bad.   Because what it MEANS is that I love God and don't hide my faith and nor am I ashamed of it.  It means I think outside the box and don't necessarily eat by the spoonful every bit of garbage that society dishes out.  I am faithful to my faith, and won't budge on immoral issues... but I also won't conform to what everyone else thinks, says, and does... I have my own mind, my own free spirit... and most importantly, my faith...  so yes... I do matter.  I count.  I have a voice.  I have a prayer.  I have a heart filled with love...  and unfortunately I have a frail human need to feel accepted.  But, accepted or not, I won't back down on my faith.  

The mighty tree was once just a little nut who stood it's ground.  So, I must take that little nut's example. :)    That mighty oak certainly "matters" to all those who enjoy it's shade, and the animals that nest in it's branches...   we can all take a lesson in it.


  1. Susan,

    You matter to me. Love you, Sue

  2. nice post thanks for sharing...wanted to invite all blog friends to my tuesday's bloghops...the purpuse is to share with others...the lord love friendship ..this is own choice but will be glad if you join...thank you if you do...blessings

  3. Thanks Sue. I was having a very, very low day when I wrote this.

    Thank you my friend. You matter to me too, as well as my family and the few people I can actually call friends. Friends like you are rare jewels indeed!