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Monday, July 30, 2012

Dusty Knickknacks and Leftovers

I'm not usually annoyed on Mondays, but today I am.  I have a freshly painted living room, and am getting ready to pick out and order drapes for the windows.  With new paint comes cleaning the room contents.. especially the curio cabinet, the knicknacks, and our books... Good Heavens at the dust... and bearing in mind that we dust it all regularly... I just don't know where it all comes from.  Really, it's amazing we don't all have asthma from the dust in this house.  I am beginning to feel profoundly that weekly dusting is just not enough.  I swear, the dust is reproducing, and attempting a hostile takeover.  But the paint looks good. :)  I just wish I had a way to keep the dust away!

My hubby begrudgingly took leftovers for his supper.  With a few unhappy comments that bothered me more than they should have.  Sorry.  If he were home today, he'd be eating leftovers here too.  Why do husbands and kids NOT understand that leftovers must be eaten.. that every day cannot be a freshly cooked gourmet meal.  Not only do I not have the time, I also do NOT have the inclination.  Leftovers never killed anyone, (assuming they're still good and not went bad!).  Every day can't be everyone's favorite.  

Now it's about to storm outside.  Thank goodness we got the three ficus trees and the other artificial plants sprayed down with a hose and wind dried before the storms rolled in.  Now I've got to clean all the baskets, add the green plants back to the baskets, and put them all back in their designated spots.  

Since my poor deprived husband is being forced to go out into a storm to get to work, carrying his unwanted leftovers, (I am a cruel, unfeeling woman), I feel I should at least get a jumpstart on making 'fresh' supper for tomorrow.  I don't know how everyone got to be so spoiled around here. I can assure you all.  I am NOT Julia Child, and neither am I Martha Stewart.  What bugs me even more is that now that's he's left, I actually feel guilty that I didn't at least pack it differently to make it more appealing.  *beats head against wall*

While I am annoyed at my picky family, (especially hubby), and my imperfect house, I have to reflect on what I have to be grateful for.  That we have food at all, leftovers or not.  That hubby does in fact have a job to go to, and that we have our own home, perfectly imperfect, that is all ours.  God bless our little house, with all it's flaws.  It's dusty nooks and crannies I try to keep tidy and dust free. God bless us and fill us with thankfulness for what we have.  For our healthy happy kids, for our spoiled rotten pets, and for a strong loving marriage with a good man.  Even if we do drive each other crazy sometimes.  And even if that means suffering through leftovers.  LOL :)

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