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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Treats for Wheeters

Two weeks ago, after our homeschool group meeting (that we just started last month, and will post about later), my eldest daughter Amy decided that our two guinea pigs, Alphonse and Phoebe, needed some homemade treats.

I was a bit concerned, as I remember well when she attempted to make Sea Salt Ice Cream... and didn't measure the salt.  (completely inedible), however, she has mastered making spaghetti with sauce, and a few other things and is coming right along in the kitchen.   Besides, I considered the fact that I doubt the pets tastes are all that discriminating.  LOL

So, she started making dough for "the wheeters".  Yes, I know it's "wheek".  But we say, "wheet".    Before, when we had our guinea pig Wilbur, we used to call him "Wee Wheety Wilbur"... and thought ourselves quite funny. :)

So Amy made these treats... and I have to say, they looked like dried animal droppings.  LOL   However, the "piggies" LOVED them, and since having one each they have shamelessly begged.   Hilarious.  So, for all you guinea pig owners out there, I reccommend you make some goodies for the wheeters (wheekers) in your life. 

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