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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

For Today..

As time passes, I find I am more and more wanting to hide away from the world.  I continue to lose people because they are 'bothered' by my faith.  I am content to 'hole up', and live in my own little world.. I can remind myself that "Those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter."    So, why does it bother me so much? 

I have lost "friends" because I will not support "gay marriage".   I don't CARE if someone is 'gay'.  I am not a gay 'basher'.  I just don't support this fake 'marriage' stuff.   Marriage is for one man and one woman only.  Two roosters don't make an egg.  Savvy?

The world seems increasingly liberal...  I don't think it actually 'is'... it's just that they seem to be the loudest.  Funny how we are so terribly 'intolerant' unless we agree with 'them'.  

I tried getting together with an old "friend" a few months ago.  She spent the first ten minutes of our 'visit' making restaurant reservations for her family and 'other' friends (in front of me), and then she and her 'perfect' son openly made fun of what I was wearing, to the point they were openly laughing at me... (long skirt and blouse), and then a while later proceeded to bash someone else, (a stranger at our church) for their unkempt appearance.  I was bothered by this...  so shut my mouth, and was polite, but quiet, on the way home.   She's hasn't said 'boo' to me since.  Which tells me she was not keen to see me anyway.   No worries.  I am aware that ship has sailed.  I'm over it.   

I am not a perfect person.  Not 'holy' enough.  Not 'tolerant' (apparently) enough, and I am certainly not without my flaws.   But why are my flaws so "wrong", but it seems others get a free pass on that?

And on top of everything else, I have someone who SERIOUSLY takes EVERYTHING and twists it.. I swear to you... things that have NOTHING to do with them.. and make it ALL about them.   To the point she is a manipulative screwball.  Unhinged.  Confrontational.  Mental.  Did I mention manipulative?   I have decided, though, that I am just "NOT" dealing with her again.  Period.  I've tried to be nice.  Kind.  I've tried being understanding.  I've listened to the crazy ranting.  I've tried to be sympathetic.  But the truth of the matter is that she is plain sucking me dry... sucking the very life out of me.  I am supposed to believe that when she does not say 'boo' to me for two years at a stretch, suddenly I "hate" her, (huh?) and I prevent her from being healthy.  (all because when she was on a freak-out rant, I attempted to explain that no one was attacking her).. but since she had her mind made up, this made me a hate-filled evil person.   Whatever.   I can't deal with her "crazy" anymore.   God knows I've tried.

So today I will plan for our homeschool club tomorrow here, and turn in my daughter's attendance for our umbrella school.  We'll make some homemade doggie biscuits, and enjoy our day.  Life inside our bubble is good. :)

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