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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Planning Ahead... Just in case..

If the grits hit the fan, hubby got laid off from work, or something else happened... (like a hurricane), could you feed your family? 

Would you have extra to barter with to get (hopefully) things you need that you don't have? This is good to think about.

Many of us know that grocery stores basically have no back room storage… everything they have is on the shelves... and if something happened... when the trucks stop coming in... the food will be GONE.. within three days at the longest.  Which leaves you and your family with whatever you have in your pantry.  What if this was more than just a few days?  What if it was for a few weeks?  A month?  Years?

My Grandparents raised all their own food.  But these days, we are all (most of us) DEPENDENT on the stores.   You have to have food to live.  We cannot survive without it. Period.   However... There are more and more people waking up and growing more of their own food and storing/preserving it, and more people are building a food storage inventory of their own.

Canned meats.  (and going hunting a LOT)  People will be craving for meat.   I was watching a television program, and the wife was canning salmon.  I thought that was brilliant.  I am planning to get a NICE canner.  I want to start canning meats, (chili, spaghetti sauces, soups, etc).   
A can of Spam would be something to barter with, for something you don't have.   If you have a smoker, you can smoke meats too.  My hubby makes his own jerky.

Canned vegetables.  I think everyone needs to have a kitchen garden, even if its just a little one in containers.   But if you don't, canned veggies is better than nothing.

Pasta.  Cheap. Easy to store. Simple to make a meal. If you can heat water, you can eat.

Pet food.  Lots of people won’t think to store much extra pet food.  Fluffy and Rover will thank you.

Peanut butter.  Packed with calories and protein.  A MUST in the pantry.  Right next to the Marmite, which is something else that I think would be good to have, especially if meat is scarce and you're already anemic.

Powdered milk.  Most people don’t like the taste.  Bake with it to keep it rotated.  Unless you have a dairy cow or goats, this will be a treat!

Dried beans.  They are packed with protein.  Soak those beans overnight, Get out your cast iron dutch oven, and put them on to simmer with whatever you have to add to it.

Rice.  You need something to go with those beans!!   Entire cultures survive on this stuff. Rice is a staple.

Other things to have on hand in your pantry... coffee, tea....  What else?  What do YOU store?

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