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Friday, November 9, 2012

My Catholic Bubble

Withdrawing further into my Catholic bubble has made the most sense to me for quite some time now.    And just this week, the results of this election was a punch in the stomach...  it seems half of this country has thrown in the towel with God.  I believe it's a case of about 20% are atheists, and about 30% are some form of "christian", but only on paper, and instead are a "church" of "self".   I am appalled at the number of so-called Catholics who voted for re-election.  Any self respecting Catholic who is faithful to the Magisterium would of course vote for LIFE and vote towards protecting our religious freedoms.  Being politically correct is all that matters to some of these people.   They have no problem offending God,... just as long as they don't offend immoral lifestyles.  

No.. I don't blog much anymore.  What's the point?  Isn't it a matter of pride for me to post?  I mean seriously, who CARES what I think?  Opinions are something we all have, every one of us.   Not everyone shares mine, not I theirs.  And that's fine.  Furthermore, it's not like I have some huge reader following.  LOL

I don't know what I'm going to do.  Right now I just want to stay in my bubble, hug my family close, and know that God will get us through anything and everything this world has to dish out.

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