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Friday, August 2, 2013

Feeling "Off"

Somethings... off. I feel awful. Like, not 'in pain', just not feeling too hot, no energy, and I have SLEPT for the last 2 days. Like.. if I sit down I wakeup to find I've BEEN asleep for a WHILE. I sleep at night, and then fall asleep for HOURS during the day... and when I wake up I am still exhausted. I realize my weight and being anemic have a LOT to do with it, but you know, it's not like I just woke up like this.. it just seems worse than usual. I do NOT 
want to go to the doctor because I think it is stupid to pay someone to tell me to lose weight and take iron pills. (can we all say "duh").  

If you could just say a little prayer for me, I would appreciate it. We have not only Special Olympics bowling tomorrow, but a family wedding too. I wonder how the heck I'm going to get through.

Because my dearest hubby has far more sense than I do, he has reminded me I've not had a vitamin in days. And I've drank sweet iced tea non-stop for days as well. How dumb can I be? Down the old hatch goes a multi vitamin (with 156% iron) and two iron pills, and washed down with milk. I'm anemic.  

It's okay, really. I know it seems like over-kill on the iron.

My sweet friend just reminded me, and I got out my "elixir" I keep in a mason jar in the fridge.. a good 'shot' of elderberry syrup with local raw honey... I'll do that again tomorrow. I need that boost.

Taking some of my recently made, lovely bone broth, I'm making rice to add quickly to things (like hot broth for a quick soup) for the weekend. Yeah, it may be rice, but it will have that good nutrition of bone broth in it. AND I'm vowing to do a little walking tomorrow. Maybe not much, but some. I need to get some strength back. I feel like I'm always doing this... getting on a healthy eating regime, hitting the 'hippie food' harder, and after a while I cave and end up eating all the garbage that got me into this pickle to start with.  

cannot give up.

Blessed Mother, pray for me as I strive to stay healthy for my family.

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