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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Playing Catch-Up

It just dawned on me, how, when I blog I tend to have a subject in mind, or have something that's just flat-out on my mind, that I need to get off my chest.   Having a blog is a little like therapy in that respect. :)

However, I've decided for this entry I'm just going to basically do a re-into, since so much has changed in the last few years.

I'm still over 40, (LOL), married, Catholic, and a mother of two.  Not homeschoolers anymore though.  We're UNschoolers. ;)  Eldest is an adult now, and youngest is a teen.   We're going through life now scheduled around hubby's job and my eldest daughters job, and my younger daughter being in Special Olympics and American Heritage Girls.   The youngest daughter is also in CCD, which is a two year catechism class before Confirmation.   My eldest might even be a CCD teacher next year.  We'll see.   Yes, I am proud. :)

We lost our doggie Daisy Mae last May.  She was 16 years old.   We still miss her very much.  We've gotten another dog since then, Lucy, which brings us up to two dogs.  Abby will be 3 years old in June.  Lucy is one year old this month.  Aside from the doggies, we're down to one guinea pig, Pooh Bear, and one beta fish, Matthieu.  

I'm also not all that 'barefoot' anymore.. I've been in Birkenstocks for about 2 and a half years now.  Comfiest things I ever put on my tootsies.  And my back and hips don't scream like they used to.  Apparently, once you get to a certain age, it's all about arch support. LOL

I'm at a loss at this point.. nothing else has really changed.   I've had to tighten up my 'bubble' a little more, and "pull a few weeds" from my life.   Emotional vampires I just don't have the time or the energy to entertain them anymore.   My life is focused on God and family..and my few friends who may be few but are so precious to me!!

I am grateful for all I've been blessed with.  Faith, our church home/church family, family, friends, and our humble home.  God has been so good to me!!

I didn't make any New Years Resolutions this year.. I didn't see the point since I never keep them. :)   I want to try (again) some container gardening this year.   I'm going to try again for the bazillionth time to try and lose some of my chub.   I want to grow more in my faith.  But more than anything else, I want to enjoy every precious moment with my kids.   Time is flying by so fast.. I can't stop the clock.  I want to hold them while I can, even though they're both taller than me now.  

Am I all caught up now?  I don't know.   This was not terribly exciting, to be sure.  But how exciting do you expect an old Momma like me to be?  :)    This is as good as it gets.  And that is perfectly fine for me. :)


  1. Susan,

    What a wonderful catch up post!

    You're still over 40? What a surprise! That made me laugh. I love hearing about what's going on in your life. Perhaps you should write your own post telling 10 (or more) things about yourself we don't already know. Have you ever tried to write one of those? It's hard.

    "This is as good as it gets." Sounds good to me!

    1. LOL!! Yes, I am still claiming the "over 40", and will for a few more years. Mark, OTOH, will be 50 this summer. I have been teasing him, calling him "Old Man". :)

      Ten things? Sounds like a challenge! :) I'll see what I can come up with. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! ♥