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Friday, February 7, 2014

Three Days of Darkness

Have you heard of the Three Days of Darkness?   Not that I am an authority by ANY stretch of the imagination.., I have previously written about them here.  But again, like I said, who am 'I'?  NO ONE!!    MUCH Better still, is where Padre Pio wrote about them here.   Also, Marie Julie Jahenny, French Mystic and Stigmatist.. very scary.. you can read that here.   And Our Lady of Fatima...she spoke of the Great Chastisement revealed in the Third Secret...  take heed!

I first heard of the 3DOD about five years ago, (or so), and the person who mentioned it, only barely mentioned it.  She had advised me to get a beeswax candle, and have it blessed, (preferably two of them) and store them in the fridge and I'd have them 'against life threatening storms'.   I assumed that she meant hurricanes.   Silly me.

A couple of years later, I found an apostolate site which sold beeswax candles, to be used in the Three Days of Darkness.  There is a good link here on preparations I highly recommend.   Matter of fact, I plan to print it out.  For some reason I do not believe we'll have power when this happens.  I could be wrong, but it seems nuts to think of someone logging on and doing a google search with demons flying around the house.  I want all my 'stuff' ready to go, right where I can find it...  and be as armed as any Catholic momma can be. 

Maybe this sounds too 'doom and gloom'?  Too hokey?   Well, I'm thinking the folks who watched the waters rise in the Great Flood were probably sorry they didn't listen.   Not to mention all the townsfolk of Sodom and Gomorrah.   Raining fire from the SKY!!  Can you IMAGINE the terror?   Don't be Lot's wife, who looked back and wound up a pillar of salt.   God is real.  He does not mess around.  He does not lie, and the evil one is alive and well in the world.   Do you believe in Spiritual Warfare?   I do.   As we are all given a Guardian Angel, we are all given a demon too.   Some of us, probably more than one.  :(  It's terrifying to think about.  

I sprinkle a few grains of blessed salt in our car.   Across thresholds, window sills, and the perimeter of our property.  I make the Sign of the Cross and pray over every doorway, window, and mirror.   Yes.  Mirror.   (they can be used as a portal)  Get rid of things in your house that could 'open a door'.  No Ouija boards, spirit boards, or any of that type of stuff.   The home is the domestic Church.  Holy Water by the front and back doors, (as well as any other door), blessed Benedictine crucifixes over the doors, blessed beeswax candles.   

You store water and non perishable food for hurricanes, blizzards, etc.   Why not prepare for your family spiritually?   I encourage you, dear reader, to check out these links.  Take it seriously.  Think of your family, and prepare.   Matter of fact, I have an adult daughter, who could very well, at any time, decide she is moving out.  I have candles and things ready for her to take with her.   As a mother I could not in good conscience send my girl out into the world without protection.    Please understand that I KNOW the power is NOT in the items but in the force behind them which is Our Father in Heaven.   We have been given sacramentals.   Padre Pio and other Saints have spoken of this prophecy.  Who are we to scoff?   

God be with you! 

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