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Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter Storm

I wrote this two weeks ago when we were having our "Winter Storm".  I was going to go back and finish it, but never did.  

It sounds funny to say that we're having a winter storm here in Florida, but we are.  The entire Southeastern United States is going through record-breaking cold, ice, sleet, and snow.  Snow.   It does not snow in Florida.  Not normally.   Matter of fact, our last "White Christmas" was in 1989.  Do I 'think' it will actually snow here, where we live?  Mmm... possible.  But highly improbable.  I am not holding my breath.  However, sleet and ice I do think we'll get.  Icy roads in the South is a force to be reckoned with.  We are not used to that here, and ergo, no one knows how to drive on an icy road.  It makes for a lot of car accidents.   I've asked my daughter not to go out for a couple of nights until conditions improve.  She did not need convincing.  "It's too cold to go out, Mom!"

We have two dogs.  Abby, who is a 70 lb beautiful lab/husky mix, with the most luxurious shiny black coat you've ever seen.  She does not mind the cold.  She is the best dog on your feet when you are cold.. she'll warm you right up.  She is her own furnace.  A warm, protective, beautiful dog,    Her little sister is our Lucy.  She is about 35 lbs, and is our little American Staffordshire Terrier mix, (our pound puppy), and she does not have Abby's lovely coat.  Lucy's coat is like an old man's stubble.  With a thin and sleek coat, brown and white with a sweet pink mouth, like she's snuck into cherry candy.   And bless her, she does not like the cold with her little stubbly coat.  As I am petting her, her little ears are cold, and I'm trying to rub the warmth back into them, and she yawns and snuggles down between my feet.

There's condensation all over the windows.  The rain seems to have stopped for now, but it's below freezing and it's only the afternoon.   It will be raining and in the 20s tonight when I have to drive.   I am concerned about this ice.  Here in the South they do not have the equipment to de-ice and clear snow, because this is such a rare occurrence.   They're having school closings.. they're even cancelling flights at the airport.  At this point, they've not yet closed the public schools in our county..  we've not had that happen in ten years, but that was because of a hurricane then.   Hubby and eldest are at work.  I hate them not being home when it's like this.   I want my family home.  My lil chicks in the nest, safe and warm.  I am a Momma Hen at heart. :)

This is where I stopped.  We never got the snow, or the sleet.  But it was very cold for our area.  We got a lot of rain, and it did make some icy conditions but not on the roads, thankfully.  (at least not here where we live).   The following week we were back to running the air conditioner, short sleeves, and blooming trees.  It was 80F here two days ago, and now.. it's cold again.  Not another winter storm for us, but yucky wet-cold conditions, no sun.. just a grey sky.  And I'm back, shivering, sipping something hot, with dogs on my feet.   It will be warm again in a few days, I am sure. :)

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