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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Everybody talks about forgiveness, but
 I think we can all agree... it is not always easy.
 Pride is not a friend to anybody.  Pride whispers in your ear.  It embellishes on any and all hurts..  blows things out of proportion.  It can take one comment, maybe one that you don't agree with, and the devil (old smut face) whispers in your ear and now you believe its a personal attack.  He's a jerk, isn't he?  The devil needs to be throat punched.  Hosed down with a super soaker full of Holy Water.  Forget the super soaker.  We need an oversized firehose out for that creep.

He splits families.  He destroys friendships.  He convinces you to skip church, skip prayers, harbour resentment, have hard feelings, hold grudges, turn up your nose and not speak.  He is a master at plugging your ears, so you can't hear any other voice but your own.  He tells you how great you are.  It's always everyone else's fault.  If ONLY other people understood/got it/ weren't such goody two shoes/ nauseatingly self righteous/ stupid/ ignorant/..  pick one!!  Yep.  He's seriously a jerk.

Do you hold grudges?  I will be the first to admit that I have.  If they were giving away Olympic Medals for grudge holding, I promise you I'd be a gold medallist.  More than once.  I'm talking the Miss Universe of grudge holding.  No... I'm not proud.  But I gave it up.  For realsies.  I've got enough gray hair, thank you.  (That's also from worry, but that's another blog entry for another day).  

I am, like everyone else on God's green planet, a work in progress.  I don't get everything right.  Never will.  I'm not perfect.  Far, FAR from it!!!  But... I recently had a small epiphany.  And no, it certainly did NOT come from me.  I'm not that smart, nor that deep.  LOL

Someone I've been upset with... well..  me being upset with them wasn't hurting anyone else but me.  

Notable point: (gleaned from someone else, and I'm convinced this is straight from the Holy Spirit.

No matter WHAT you're doing/ not doing.. whatever the situation...  you have TWO choices.

You choose God, or you don't. 


Forgiveness... that's choosing God.  My silly feelings/ego blah blah blah..  big whup, ya know?  I'm over here like SERIOUSLY... who CARES??!!   Let it GO. (Please God, no songs from Frozen)  GIVE IT ALL TO GOD!!  Seriously?  All we do is mess everything up anyway.  And stupid Smut Face all whispering in our ears 24/7!!??

  Tell Smut Face to EAT HIS OWN POISON!!  

Let go.  Give everything to God.  Trust in Him.
And that person who hurt your widdle feewings?   FORGIVE them!!  Give it to God.  HE knows just what to do.  He's got this!!  

Your going to have rough/bad/crummy/irritation/someone needs to be high fived in the face with a chair days.  We all do!!  It's up to US to remember our two choices.  Choose God? Or not?  He gave us free will.  Your choice.  The ball is officially in your court.    You're not always going to get it right.  But fortunately, God always does.  


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