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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

This is dedicated... to the friend who blocked me..

To my friend who has blocked my family...

Posting solid information on my own Facebook wall backed up with legit, solid links, photographic evidence from a reputable source we all believe in, and posted IN LOVE and NOT judgement, is no reason to be angry and rant about me, personally, in a public forum.  I'm sorry you disliked my post.  It was NOT directed at you.  I shared information out of love. Not judgement . I left out my own personal opinions... I called no one by name.  I posted links videos and some photos from some reputable sources.  I posted this because it is important to get this information out.  Because I love and care about family and friends.

 Without a single reply to me, either to my post, or even privately, I was hung out to dry by you and your friends, on your page... I was even called names.  And I watched in silent horror and sadness as you were encouraged in your anger by your friends, who only know your side.  I stayed silent. But I was heartbroken.

I remained silent also back during the election, when you blocked my 23 yr old daughter, and her husband, (who had nothing to do with it), because you couldn't just agree to disagree politically with someone half your age.  You blocked my child.  Over politics.  I stayed silent.  You did the same thing on your wall that time too.  About my child.  I said nothing.  And believe me, it wasn't easy.

That hurt me DEEPLY.  But I stayed out of it.  Four months later I messaged you privately, trying to reach out. I was tired of the silence and the hurt.  Hoping bygones could be bygones.  I missed you.  I wanted to tell you we loved and missed you.  That Pride did NOT need to win one single day more.  Anything said or done (regardless of who said what was irrelevant) was in the past.  That we loved you like FAMILY... You said you'd reply.  "When you had time".  After a month, you still had not replied.  Though you'd been online many, many times. Including when my daughter and her husband vacationed out West, taking selfies as they enjoyed their first vacation together as man and wife.... you AGAIN made unkind comments... implying narcissism.  And again I said nothing.  And my letter to you, that I wrote you, in love, willing to put aside all the pain and hurt feelings, in my willingness to let all that go.. was deleted by you.  And now I'm blocked too, right along with my adult daughter and her husband.

Facts:  The Italian Saint, Padre Pio, is NOT "Sedevacantist".  Nor did he "spout hogwash".  I'm shocked, frankly, that you'd say that.  Yes.  He's the one who told about the 3 days of darkness.  I tend to believe a holy priest who had the ability read souls, and had the gift of the stigmata.

Sacramentals are gifts given to us. Priests use holy water, chrism oil, and so on in holy mass.  It's common for Catholics to have statutes and sacramentals in our homes... our Domestic Church.  They are not "just there to make you look holier than you really are".

 As far as statues... YOU have statues!!  In your house!!  I've seen them.  I think they're beautiful.

Veiling:  whether you do or don't is none of my business.  It's between each of us, individually, and God.  It does not make you holier.  Or less holy.  We are all sinners regardless.  The sisters are veiled.  Half the ladies at mass veil.

Asking/demanding answers:   unless you're my kid, that's NEVER happened.  I don't feel I should have to explain myself to others, and nor should they have to explain themselves to me.  I'm NOT a judge.  I'm not God.  I'm not a priest.

You and I have had some wonderful conversations over the years.  We shared views, even ones when we didn't agree.  But we loved each other enough, to agree to disagree.  Like adults.  I have NEVER called you names or run you down publicly.  But now you've stated that I've "harassed you for years"??!!  Seriously??!!

I've never doubted your faith.  I've never in my life even insinuated that you were not Catholic.

Cooking:  I don't buy your food.  I don't CARE what you cook... or why, or how.  Seriously.  I have my own menu for my own family... that's just silly.

You don't have to answer to anyone other than God, your priest, and your husband.  And same for the rest of us.  I have my own family to worry about. What you do is YOUR business.  Please don't accuse me of otherwise.

You want me to "tend my own garden".  I WAS.  I posted something on MY wall.  Not directed at you.  You know, if you didn't like it, you could have ignored it, or talked to me privately.  What I posted, was post in love, not judgement, I kept my own opinion out of it.  I was sharing important, information regarding spiritual warfare.  Because I care more about the souls of my family and friends than I do my popularity... or lack thereof.   If you agreed or not was your choice.  I knew not everyone would like it.  But the name calling was going too far.  I've read PLENTY on social media that has annoyed/angered me.  But I ignored it.  We all have a right to our opinions.  And we have freedom of speech.  But I don't run my mouth and bash about in on a public forum.  Oh sure, I get mad.  But I CHOOSE to ignore it and move on.  However when I'm being called names... and the topic of discussion... I have trouble ignoring that. BUT I didn't fight with you about it.  I didn't slam you back on my wall.  I just tried to ignore the ugliness.

I'm not angry.  I'm sad.  And I'm hurt.  But again, this isn't about me.  I hope one day you can get past your anger.  I'll be here waiting.  I meant what I said in my letter 2 months ago.  Pride won again.  Let bygones be bygones.  We can't keep letting pride win.  The past is in the past.  Dust in the wind.  Friendship is bigger than ego.

I pray one day this is something we will laugh over.  And I'm posting this here, since you've blocked me I have no other way to contact you.

Love you!!

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