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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Choosing Joy

Feeling better today... because I am CHOOSING to feel better today.  Depression is a cruel monster... kept kicked under the bed, bound and gagged.

This past Friday was a great day.  Hubby and I, along with our girls, and my eldest daughter's boyfriend, all went to Gainesville, which is about an hour's drive, to visit the medieval fair, "Hoggetowne" that comes each year.  I attended this with a friend around twenty years ago, prior to marriage and children.   It seems like it was more fun then, and less risque.... although as a single, childless person at the time I was likely less sensitive to inappropriate things at that time.

My girls slung battle axes, throwing stars, tried their hand at archery, watched fencing, and rode a camel.  My eldest rode a war horse, and a keg.  My youngest went with hubby and I and we watched jousting... both my girls got lost in the maze, ate the world famous turkey legs, had lemonade, and homemade soda.  It was great!!   It was 'school day' at the faire, so bus loads of children came from different schools, both public and private, as well as homeschooling groups from around the area... and we came with our homeschool group too, of course, though since we were not obligated to walk together, I didn't see a blessed soul that we knew!!  I did try to find a couple of friends, but the crowds were huge.   Despite the crowds though, we had a marvelous time.   Some of the booths, I noticed, had pagan items for sale, as well as fortune telling, palm reading, tarot, etc.   This is completely against our faith, and we avoided those booths.... same as I avoid Spencer's when I go to the mall.  I have friends who refused to go to this faire because of that kind of thing.  And that's fine.  But to me, avoiding a faire because some things are bad... well my goodness look at the fun and educational stuff you are missing out on!   I certainly wouldn't avoid the mall just because it has a few stores I won't go in... I feel the same way about this.  

We left tired, and mildly sunburned.  (which surprised me).   Hubby bought my youngest an archery set, (not a toy set, but a REAL set), and for me... well I got some "funky" socks. :)    I do love funky socks!!  Two of the pairs are heavy and dark... something I can wear under my skirt when it's chilly out.  The third pair are cute pink stripes... just to wear around the house. Love them!

Saturday, hubby and I went on our "date night".  We went to the local dinner theatre, and had a nice dinner....I had salmon and root veggies, hubby had steak & sweet potato fries... we both had warm goat cheese with tomato pie, (delish), Warm vichyssoise with black truffle essence, (delish), and for dessert we each had a pear tart.... and best of all, we saw the show, "Nunsense".   

It was so funny and entertaining!!  Habit-forming, if you will.  ;)  LOL!!  I cannot recommend it enough!!   The gal who played Sister Amnesia was none other than the 1993 Miss America... she and the other actresses were just brilliant.   Hubby and I went a few months ago and saw "Lend Me A Tenor" with Jamie Farr from M.A.S.H.   We thoroughly enjoyed that show as well.   We do love dinner theatre, and are planning on going AT LEAST one more time this year... possibly twice. :)  Hubby wants to see "White Christmas" and I want to see "Phantom".  :)

Sunday morning I woke up to a painful hernia... I've had the darn thing a while now, but sometimes pain flares up and makes me miserable.  I took a muscle relaxer and let my eldest drive us to mass.  After mass we went to PREP class, (formerly known as CCD) for my youngest daughter.   I had been previously asked to teach the class that day, so I did.   I wasn't sure 'what' to talk to the kids about, so I told them about my conversion to the church, and we talked about patron saints.  The kids seemed pretty interested.  So that was nice, and I felt like I hadn't done too badly.  Though I don't want to do that on a regular basis!!  Things I know a lot about is one thing...  I don't like "talking to/at" the kids... I prefer "sharing with" them, and getting them in on the topic.  To me, that just works better and 'feels' more right, if that makes sense.

Tomorrow is the homeschool mass at our parish, and there is supposed to be a Valentine lunch downstairs, afterward.  So I was thinking of baking some brownies to take.  My youngest is looking forward to going.  She enjoys seeing the other children.  :)   

So now, you are all caught up on my comings and goings.  Not very thrilling, but it keeps us busy. :)  

Having bad days make things rough... makes them hard to get through.   Good days//bad days are hit and miss here lately.  Some days things are 'light' enough that I can ignore it and CHOOSE joy... some days that monster is bigger than me though, and makes it hard to even look up.   Sometimes all I can do is take it slow... and take each day as it comes, and only worry about THAT particular day.  So today the sun is shining, I have things to look forward to, a family and friends to love.  And today, I can choose joy. 

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