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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Manic Mondays, Homeschooling, and Fire Irons

"Just another Manic Monday..."

Remember that song?  LOVED it!  Still do. :)  Yep.. yesterday really was a "manic Monday".   Too bad I don't have a cutesy title for today (Tuesday), too!   

Yesterday I made homemade yeast rolls, a big batch of homemade oatmeal pecan cookies, (my personal favorite), did a ton of laundry, (okay, that's pretty typical around here), worked on homeschool lesson plans, (I did two weeks worth), and did a LOT of math with my youngest.  I am proud of her... she got a lot done.  My eldest really pitched in yesterday too, doing the bulk of the clearing out in her sisters room.  I love my girls!!   

Despite having trouble sleeping last night, (yay for insomnia... NOT!!!), I got up early and put a pork roast on in my crock pot and liberally sprinkled with sage, (yum), and some blessed salt.  Five hours later I had it fished out, removed all the fat and bone, shredded and added barbecue sauce, (with my own extra "special seasonings" of course!).   Family can eat that later on rolls.  Hubby took me grocery shopping, and we dropped off a 30 gallon plastic bag, (of stuff that we've been weeding out ), out to the Goodwill store. (no St. Vincent de Paul in this area), then came home and made lunch, washed dishes, and washed and sliced about 15 apples and have them stewing in cinnamon, sugar, and butter in my cast iron pot on the stove.  The kids are happy.  Hahaha!

Homeschooling wise:  We recently dried some pepper seeds, and we're going to plant those in an egg carton and see if we can get them to grow.  My youngest LOVES this kind of learning. :)  Her kale plant is still hanging in there.   I just got three boxes of clay pastels, and we're going to try our hand at some artwork too.  Just to see what we can make.  Last week, (two days after Ash Wednesday), we went to the Flying Dragon Citrus Nursery,  (here's a picture where we are shown how they use a "Dingo" to plant the trees, and the owners dog is enjoying this part a lot too as you can see!)

 ..and had a tour and learned all about the citrus growing here in Florida, and tasted different varieties.  We learned some about local flora, birds, and citrus trees in general.   Hubby went with us (we went with the homeschool group), and we've already decided we'll definitely be buying a tree from there. :)  I am torn between the pineapple orange, (sweet and good for eating or juicing), the red navel orange, or the blood orange.  Wouldn't mind one of those gorgeous pink lemon trees.  Yes, you heard me right.  PINK!!  The lemons are small, and only pink on the inside.  Can you imagine making your own naturally pink lemonade?!   One of the moms who sets up some of our field trips is setting up another soon to visit an apiarist... a beekeeper!  That should be interesting!  Can't wait!  I admit I enjoy the field trips as much as my kids do.  And I am often times learning right along with them!  (sad, but true!) :)

Still cleaning out... I have another 30 gallon bag almost full to take back up to the rescue mission.  Hubby looking into renting a cherry picker to take down two trees hit by lightening and are now dead.  Purchasing new books for our homeschooling...  There are lots of irons in the fire right now.  But it'll be okay.  

Lot on my mind here lately.  Got more news that's not of the 'good' nature.  Not exactly 'bad', but something I'd prayed would not  happen and now it has.  I guess that's just something I am going to have to deal with, like it or not.  Perspective not always easy.  Better to cook, clean, and focus on my family.  I can't get my brain//emotions//heart caught up in what I have no control over... all I can do is trust that God has a bigger plan, and things will work out and Time marches on. 


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