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Friday, April 13, 2012

Things I Do Not Do...

I read another bloggers post with this title, and it inspired me to post my own version.  

I do not clean my kids rooms.  When they were little I did... but once they learned to pick up their own toys and pull the comforter straight, I stopped.  

I do not rake leaves.  I encourage my hubby, kids, and anyone else to also not rake leaves.  My feeling is that God knows better than we do what the earth (which He Created), needs.  Leaves are a natural protectant barrier for grass and plants.  When it's Spring, you can mulch it all in... it's good for the yard.  I think people fuss too much with having a "perfect" yard.  A yard, to me, is an outdoor living room.  Where my kids swing and play.  Where I can sit in the shade and read.  Where we can pick fruit and look for birds nests. 

I do not thoroughly, "medically", "clean" my house.  Our house is not "dirty"... but it tends to get cluttered.   Because there are four of us here, plus pets, and our children do not attend school.  Our home is where we live & learn.  Not where I show off.  My kitchen is usually at least a little cluttered, since I'm usually cooking... baking bread, or simmering something in a pot.  I love to cook, and I cook every single day.  What else is out?  Doggie toys, my kids toys, art supplies, and lots of books.  With all of this, there is always a perpetual amount of clutter.  Do I care?  Nope!  Better Homes and Gardens is not on their way out to do a photo shoot.  Hahaahaaa!

I do not give my kids 'tests' on spelling, math, or anything else.  If I wanted them tested, I'd put them in the government-run schools.  No thanks.  If you work at something until you've 'got it', then what's the point of the test?   Example.  Years ago, when I was first learning to bake, I made pan after pan of "hockey pucks". Through trial and error, I learned to make delicious, light fluffy biscuits.  I am glad no one wanted to test me.  You want a test?  Eat one of my fresh hot biscuits.  LOL 

I do not have a "best" friend.  As an adult, I've had two close friends that I loved like sisters..... one died...  and one, well... we "divorced".   I attempted to have a close friend one more time after that... but I was apparently too eccentric for her.. I guess.  I do have some lovely friends... but... am a little gun-shy about getting "too close" again. 

I do not swim in public.   I don't even wear shorts out to the mailbox.  Nope.. not me!  

I do not like snakes or bugs..  or spiders.  Or crossing major bridges... or going into malls.  I don't like confrontations.

I do not like heat.  Second generation Florida Native...  and "no", I am not "used to" the heat.  If it were merely heat, that would be one thing.  But temps of 105F with 100% humidity are horrific and unfit for humans in my oh-so-humble opinion.  I do, however, dearly love our central air conditioner.   Heat and humidity make Florida a beautiful place to live.  I will admire it from my window until the temp is lower, thank you. :)

I do not "wear the pants" in our family.  I wear the skirt.  The pants are for my husband.  He is the head of our family.  I like my 'job' as wife much better anyway. :)   It is my vocation and I am happy in it.


  1. Susan,

    I could say "I do not.." to practically all the things you have listed.

    I can add, "I do not weed." After years of looking after landlords' gardens when we rented, and having to keep them weed free, I hate gardening! We have flower beds with mulch and any weeds that somehow get through the mulch are welcome to stay.

    I also "do not iron more things than are absolutely necessary." Most creases disappear after being exposed to a bit of body heat!

    Interesting topic for a blog post!

  2. Hahahaaaa!! Sue I don't weed or iron either unless I absolutely have to. :)

  3. Susan, could you use a larger typeface? Some of us are OLD! That would be me...

  4. Sorry! I hope this is better! Thank you for reading!