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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lazy Summer Sunday, Doctor Who, and No Bake Cookies...

What a lazy Sunday. 
No, we didn't attend mass. Not feeling that well, and neither is hubby.  Nothing that will kill us, and obviously not affecting our appetites, haha, but annoying just the same.  And on a day that's so hot they announced heat warnings, the best thing we can do is stay in and stay cool and not aggravate our individual issues.


So my eldest is sharing with me about the convention in "The Swamp" in January.  For a change it's not all anime stuff.  This con has (in my oh so humble opinion), two major selling points.  Doctor Who, and Firefly.  Pity David Tennant won't be there, but sometimes a gal must suffer through. (sigh)

Admission is free... my favorite price.  So that's another good selling point.  I have already pre-registered our family, plus an extra for my daughter's boyfriend.  

I see also in the Swamp is the Medieval Faire... which is in late January and early February.  They always have a low cost day for homeschool families, so we'll go that day of course.   I know all this is a half a year away, but I'm a plannin' kind of gal. ;)

So it's June now and summer has officially started here in Florida.  It's hot as Hades and I pride myself on avoiding the heat and sun as much as possible.  Mornings and evenings are fine... but the middle of the day you can forget it. LOL

Peering out my window sipping the house wine, (since I am a Southern gal you KNOW that actually means sweet iced tea, and I like mine with lime please), fan blowing, A.C. running, and thinking of watching a little tv with my hubby.  I am seriously in a Doctor Who mood.

Because my Momma taught me to share, I will share with y'all this recipe that I got out of the sweet Potato Queen Big Ass Cookbook and Financial Planner.  I fixed these cookies today... they did set hard enough you could gently pick them up... but we still put them in the freezer.  You can't even eat but maybe one or two of these at a time they are so rich.  I call them "NO Bake Cookies" because I can't in good conscience call them their "real" name in front of my girls!   If you've never tried these, you should.  They're absolutely divine!  They're the best summer dessert, simply because they are (a) chocolate, and (b) you don't even have to turn on the oven.  Click on the picture to make it bigger. ;)  


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