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Monday, June 4, 2012

Summertime, Unschooling, and Deviant Art

Summertime, Unschooling style.

Okay I am still getting the hang of this unschooling stuff.  I still feel like we're just on permanent vacation, and that I am doing my kids a huge disservice, and it's only a matter of time before the authorities find me guilty of being an unschooling mom.  Yes I know this is perfectly legal, and we're not doing anything wrong.  And my kids are healthy and happy and learning every day.  But it STILL feels weird since we stopped doing traditional lessons.

My sister called this morning, and we went to her house to swim.  Before going I put on the crock pot of Navy Beans, seasoned with an onion, a very meaty ham bone, salt, garlic, and a bay leaf.   My girls swam with their cousins while my sister and I attempted to tan our legs... with her little son pouring water on our feet.  :)   I do love all kids... but I especially love my sister's kids. :)  Next to my own children, they are hands down my very favorites. :)

Now we're home. Lunch of leftovers has been eaten.  Over lunch we discussed how our pet guinea pigs would be on the menu in South America.  Robyn is reading a Guinea Pig Care Guide which talks about piggies in an agricultural sense, which horrifies her.  She says, "Our guinea pigs are family members, Mom, not food!" As I hold and pet our baby Phoebe, I can't help but agree.  How could anyone think of barbecuing our little Sweetie?

Robyn has been doing a lot of reading lately.  She is reading a lot on preparedness, and wants us to start trying to dehydrate fruits and vegetables.  My hubby already makes homemade beef jerky, and Robyn loves watching him.  I got a recipe last night from a friend about making homemade fruit leathers.  I definitely see this in our future.  I'm thinking blueberry, and strawberry. :)  Yum.  And I'm not even a fruit leather fan!

Sometimes a gal just feels 'crafty'. :)  I am wanting to get back into beading. I have made anklets, and I'd like to make more of those and other things as well.

 My eldest helped me make a Deviant Art account.. so yep.. I'm there now too.  (obviously I don't have nearly enough to do)  Anyone who is curious can check it out at

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