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Friday, August 17, 2012

Reasons I Unschool

Reasons I Unschool

Homeschooling isn't something we do.  It's our lifestyle. Learning is part of everything, every day.  We look up everything, study anything, and pursue whatever is interesting at THAT moment.  My daughter is free to follow her bliss. :)

We are not confined to a classroom.  Living life happens everywhere.  We learn everywhere, every day, in every situation.  The best lessons are the ones that happen when you're not looking for them. :)  Though observing, playing, and living.  All with your loved ones!

We spend more time together as a family.   

Her learning is more effective.. she can learn in ways that work for HER!!

No having classmates who are bad influences.

She does things for her own internal satisfaction rather than for external rewards. (Stickers?!  Stars?! Are they KIDDING ME?!)

She doesn't do "just enough" to "squeak by" and "please" a teacher.  She is her own judge of the quality of all she does. 

She's more willing to take risks and be creative since there's no worry about being embarrassed in front of others.

She's more confident since she is not subject to constant fear of criticism from other students and teachers. 

Social interactions will be by choice and based on common interests.  

Her friends are more varied, not who just happens to be born the same year!

She doesn't have feel that grades or test scores is some sort of competition with peers... so ending up either conceited towards others, (I'm smarter because I got an A), or feeling inferior (I didn't do as well) to others.  Neither is good!   

She spends her time and energy on activities that SHE thinks are worthwhile.  

She will not learn to "be OF the world", "but will, instead, be "set apart" and value morals and love more than power and money. 

She doesn't have to wait until she is grown to begin to seriously explore her passions; she can start living NOW.  

My children who learn "different" don't have to be subjected to the constant and merciless teasing, taunting, and bullying.

She is encouraged to reach her full potential and not be limited by the use of "cookie cutter" methods used in schools.  

Religious and special family days can be planned and celebrated.  :)  

She doesn't have to wait for her 2 seconds with an overworked teacher to grade and return her work... and then even later to find out if she even understood it.  What rot!

Testing is optional.   

Family's values are part of every day life... she can learn them by seeing and doing in REAL LIFE. 

More Field trips!! Which are much more enjoyable (and productive) when not with a large noisy distracting group.  (that moves at a snails pace and misses half the good stuff!)

Volunteering//mass can be included in the regular schedule.  Helping others is important in a child's development and can be a great learning experience!   

Scheduling can be flexible.  Go on trips//field trips during less busy times.  The freedom allows you to travel and do  and go more... which is a wonderful learning experience!

She is free to learn subjects not usually taught in school.  

Free to read at home! :)  No distractions like at school!

We can go outside all we want!!  Way more healthy than spending most weekdays indoors in a crowded, and often overheated, classroom.

Spending more time out-of-doors results in feeling more in touch with the changing of the seasons and with the small and often overlooked miracles of nature. 

No government controlled school.  Blech!  

Children learn to help more with household chores, developing a sense of personal responsibility.  

Children learn life skills, such as cooking, in a natural way, by spending time with adults who are engaged in those activities. 

More time spent on household responsibilities strengthens family bonds because people become more committed to things they have invested in (in this case, by working for/with the family). 

Time is available for other things... like art or music. Handcrafts. Gardening.  This leads to a richer, happier life. :)

She won't have to feel like a passive recipient of whatever the school/teacher dishes out.. she chooses!!

She learns to seek out answers to her questions herself, and learn from MANY different sources, rather than depending on the teacher to (hopefully) give the right answer. 

No bullies.  (aside from her sister) :)

No sitting under florescent lights for hours doing monotonous paperwork.  (What the heck does busy work teach?  Anything?)  On the level as everyone else... if you're a quick learner, too bad.  You have to wait for the rest of the class.  If you have a learning disability, you are under constant stress to "keep up".  Like it's a RACE.  

No moving to the sound of a bell.  Like a lab rat. :(

Not having to ask permission//wait in line for attention//help with a lesson//for food// for permission to relieve yourself.  

NO Political indoctrination.

At home, you're free to practice your faith.  At school you're not free to be a Catholic/Christian.  You can't mention it, or be caught doing anything perceived as 'religious'.

No peer pressure. Sex, drugs, indecency, immoral dress, language and behavior.  Instead, learning in a peaceful, quiet home where you are loved, accepted, and treasured! 

No forced acceptance of perversion and 'lifestyle' choice. No free rubbers, abortions, books on "Heather has 2 mommies" and so forth.  No "changed" liberal textbooks, teaching, or views.  (Sorry.. we didn't come from MONKEYS!)

At home, I can discuss "blossoming" with her.. in school she would get "sex ed". 

No disgusting school food she has to wait in line for, and then by the time she gets it and gets to a table, she has five minutes to gulp this garbage down.

No having to "dress out" for PE.  No having to undress in front of others so that you are gawked at and criticized.

She is free to play outside all she wants, and using her imagination.. instead of "dressing out" and then made to line up in the heat to do "jumping jacks" with 50 other students.  Yuck.

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