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Friday, February 22, 2013

WHO Can We Count On?

(Abby can be counted on... to chew shoes, beg for cookies, and love us unconditionally.)  ♥

Who can we count on?  I mean, really??  

As children, we count on our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.  That hopefully, God willing, we are raised with love, and are nurtured and protected as children should be.   As we grow and make friends, and later as we blossom into teenagers we date.   Even if time and circumstances have moved some/most/all of those childhood and high school friends from your life, you can look back, and remember fondly the ones you told your deepest secrets to, and you remember the ones who always had your back, no matter what.

Moving into adulthood, more boyfriends, more 'friends' in general.   I read a blog today that compared friendships to shoes.  Some are for when you're going to some place nice, and only need them occasionally.  Some are really painful to wear, and you're always a little bruised and sore from them.  And then there's the trusty pair that you've had for years, serviceable, that you can rely on through thick and thin.  I'm not sure how I'd like to be compared to a pair of shoes, but I certainly hope I'd be a worn comfy favorite sneaker or a well worn Birkenstock... rather than a stiff, hard seldom used high heeled shoe that causes blisters!!

But WHO can we count on?  Who's that comfy Nike?   I've had friends come and go out of my life.  I married, and I had children.   I count on my husband.   He's a good guy.  He loves us more than he loves himself.  He's not selfish, he's hard-working, and God bless him, he is blind to my fat.  LOL  Everything I cook he eats like it's fine cuisine.   He simply does not see that I am an overweight middle aged mother.  He still "see's" me as that skinny teenage girl that I was when he and I first met.  God bless him.  He is such a Prince to me! :)   Please remind me of that when I am annoyed with him.  Haahaaa!!   But yes.  I can count on him.  He's held my hands through frightening ordeals.  He's loved and protected us.  When our daughters are hurt, they want their daddy.  I'm a daddy's girl myself, so this makes my heart happy. 

Who can we count on?  A doctor who has taken an oath to save and protect life is wanting to force vaccinations, birth control pills, and other drugs on my children, all in the name of "health care".  Or because things are pushed by the pharmaceutical companies.  Or Planned Parenthood. Or because some pencil pusher with no medical experience at the insurance company decided a pill was better than therapy.   What about the doctor who is one of only of a few of a certain type of doctor in the city, but as it turns out, though he may have a lovely bedside manner, he is misdiagnosing patients left and right?   Who checks on these things?  Did he graduate at the top of his class?  Or did he just scrape by?  There's no way to tell.   I can tell you that I found out the hard way that we could not count on the last two doctors we had for our children.   I believe we finally got a good one, praise the Lord.  Can we count on her?  Time will tell.  I really, really hope so.  I am trusting God!

Can I count on someone who I think is my friend, but is counting my sins behind her back?  The friend who can only be friends if we believe the same way about every topic?  Or the friend who was a close confidant, but we both grew so completely different that we have nothing in common any more?  

Can I count on God?  Absolutely!!  No matter how 'far gone' that I go...  it amazes me how His love for us and His mercy... it's just so... Infinite!!  Funny thing about God, that you don't have with a human. :)  When you're arguing with a friend or family member... you both have to think over your part in it, and see how you can amend yourself to the other.   If you're "arguing" with God, LOL, it's not Him.  It's you.  Why?  Because He is perfect... you can COUNT on Him!  He's unshakable.  So unlike us. :)

As I've "matured", (shall we say?)  My husband and I grow closer.  My circle of friends has grown... smaller...   Significantly so.  But more precious.  Getting out those pruning shears, and cutting out those "dead vines".  Friendship needs to be LIFE-GIVING.   Everyone needs someone they can count on.  To love you , support you, to pray for you, and to be silly with.   I'd rather have one old battered pair of Birkenstocks than 50 pairs of shoes that kill my feet.  That old battered pair is THE pair I can count on.  No blisters.  Guaranteed comfy.  Is there for me every day, no matter the weather or how dreadful I look and/or feel. 

Who do YOU count on? 

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