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Monday, July 8, 2013

Learning Spanish With a Very Southern Tongue

When our family was in Miami a couple of years ago for a U2 concert, I found that my English, heavy with Southern accent, is not understood by most folks in Miami.. and that my Spanish skills.. well... have a lot to be desired.

My dear friend had to order for us, (no, I cannot even order beans and rice), and I was pathetically grateful for the idiot proof pictures on the bathroom doors so I could distinguish the ladies from the gents.  

(no they weren't these, but these ARE pretty funny!)

During our five day visit, I learned one phrase.  Papas fritas.  Oh joy.  I can now order french fries.  And thanks to Sesame Street, I can order more than one serving for my family of four. :)

Pending a highly probable future visit to Miami, I am attempting to learn a few more phrases to make life easier during our visit.  The same dear friend has taught me to say "No picante, por favor."  Which means NO Spicy Please!  (I am a wimp and do NOT want to get stuff with spicy food I cannot tolerate.. such as the delicious beans and rice I had last time.) :)

As I walk around, cheerfully chirping out my newest phrase, hubby is amused.  I know I'm probably annoying.. and totally running this phrase into the ground, but this is the only way I'm going to remember it.  I talked about papas fritas constantly when I first learned it, and now I'm throwing out 'picante' and 'por favor' every chance I get. 

Next on my list is how to ask where the restroom is.  I am pretty sure that will be helpful, especially since I still don't know what 'el bano' (men or women??) means. :)  


  1. ¿Dónde está la habitación de las señoras? - This means "Where is the ladies room?" Hope it helps! Love ya girl!!!

    Nicole Hale

    1. Hahahaha!! I will have to HEAR it to say it. :) Spanish pronunciation is not my strong point. ☺