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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Catching Up

It's been a long time since I came on here, and bared my soul.  It's a vulnerable thing, you know?  Who sees?  Who reads?  Are they judging me?  Or DO they find the comradery of a kindred spirit?  Can they, or do they even relate?

So.  I'll be 50 this year.  The crows are circling more frequently (small joke directed at my previous post), to the point I can hear the wings as they soar overhead.  Ever so softly.

I've entered a new phase of my life.  My eldest daughter was married May 28, 2016.   In our home parish.  They were engaged over a year.  We gave her a beautiful wedding.  She and Michael married, and promptly moved away from us.  To another city.  Nearly 3 hours away.  Close enough to visit.  But not 2 blocks away, as I would have preferred.  I miss her.  I am still in tears when I think of her.  At nearly 24, she's still my baby.

After only 5 months of marriage, they've bought a pretty brick home on an acre of land.  She's happy.  Her husband is a decent, sweetheart of a guy who loves her dearly.   We are pleased with her choice, thank you God.  And I'm proud to say, she is 10 weeks pregnant.  I'm going to be a Granny!!!

Robyn, my younger daughter, is on her fourth year in Special Olympics.  We finally got the diagnosis for her... she's on the autism spectrum.  Which...  we pretty well knew.  But now it's official.  Legally blind.  Autism.  And puberty.  Jesus help me.  There is no spinning vortex of evil quite like the fun filled combination of autism and puberty!!!

I will continue this later.  Hubby is breathing all over me to know what I'm writing.  And doggies demanding attention.  I have chores to do, a Mardi Gras cake to pick up, and chicken wings to buy, clean, and prepare.  Our last blowout before Lent.

Happy Saturday!!

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