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Sunday, April 10, 2011


First blog entry by me, Susan.   I am an over 40, married, mother of two, housewife/homemaker, relaxed home-schooler// unschooler, and a Catholic.  And, as the title of this blog indicates, I am usually barefoot, and living in my own little bubble.  Why do I call it a "bubble"?  My world consists of my home, church, the grocery store, and the library.  We do go on field trips and so forth, but basically I am limited on what I see/hear/do.. thus.. I'm in a bubble... rather unworldly... which suits me just fine.  

Often I am teasingly called "hippie" by family and friends.  Other terms I've gotten are "free spirit", or "crunchy".   I'm not a vegetarian, though, truth be told, I would/could easily be one if I were single. 

I am a strong believer in recycling and reusing as much as possible... because quite honestly I DO believe the world depends on it.  I believe that God has blessed us with a beautiful earth full of resources but it's our job to be good stewards of everything He has blessed us with.  I don't do any gardening, though I greatly admire those who do, and especially organic gardens.  I do prefer to embrace non-conformity, not be materialistic as the world "thinks" we should, and just be free to love and worship and be family oriented.   But before you pencil me in as a "stereotypical" "hippie", let me say right now I bathe every day, and I don't smoke weed... and I can assure you, a lefty liberal I'm not! :)   

Okay.. family..
My husband is a factory employee.  My kids are both in karate.  And me?  Well, my life rotates around theirs, and their schedules and needs.   I buy used Catholic curriculum workbooks, season passes to museums and zoos, take field trips, and basically just life in general to educate my kids.  The world is our classroom.  They work, read, play, sing, do crafts, and love.   No need for schooling to get in the way of a good education.  LOL  (swiping Mark Twain's quote there)  :)  

I am NOT an Alpha Mom.   I'm not "career minded"..    the best I can explain "my job" is.. how a man or woman can be called to a religious vocation, I believe I was called to motherhood, and it is *my* vocation.   And I love it with every ounce of my being... even though sometimes it's a little lonely.  Occasional loneliness or not, it is rewarding beyond anything I could ever have imagined.   I cannot imagine my life lived any other way.

Reading is a favorite pass-time of mine, and has been since I could put two words together.   I love wandering aimlessly through thrift stores and book stores/fairs.  Amy Tan is a favorite author of mine.  I love Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, even though I think Anne Rice as a person seems to be very much opposed to what I believe in.. but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy her vampire books.  And I did enjoy them.. and even though they're not that popular now, they're still a good read.  

I read all of the Sookie Stackhouse books.  Wow, those were pretty good.  I did watch Season One of True Blood.. and even though admittedly I did enjoy it, I did NOT enjoy the filthy talk and the in-your-face sex.  I had to fast-forward through those scenes, and have not watched any more of that show.   I'm glad the books were not raunchy like that.

I do love Bridget Jones's Diary.  (though my Catholic guilt bothers me for enjoying the book as much as I did).  Hugh Grant in the movie did not hurt my feelings one little bit.  He is lovely.. and I have enjoyed many of his movies.  His accent and hair make me happy.  LOL

Currently I am reading "What Do You Say To a Naked Elf?"  by Cheryl Sterling.  Okay now YES it does have a little romance in it (which I usually hate) but she did not overdo it in this book and I have to say she did it in such a way it was not the annoying "heaving bosoms" garbage you read in most romance books.   The main characters are interesting and likable and the story is fun and entertaining... which I suppose is the reason I'm reading it again for the third time. :)

My family and I love our pets, and we have three.  Our dog, and two guinea pigs.  I usually refer to the guinea pigs as "the pigs" or "piggies".  So please don't ever read that, and assume I actually own PIGS.  

My most recent interests are couponing, and attempting to grow my own ginger root.  I am a notorious plant killer, so we'll see how that works out.  I've managed not to kill my aloe plants, and my fig tree is still among the living, so things are looking good at this point.  Martha Stewart I'm not, so lets see how long this holds out.   As it stands now, I have two weeks worth of unclipped coupons waiting on me.. so I am not off to a good start.  I keep thinking if I can get one of those accordion folders, I will be MUCH more organized.  Maybe so.  Keeping my coupons in a cigar box isn't working out so well for me right now. 

Today is Sunday.  We missed mass earlier.   But plan to go to another parish later for their mass.  I wish I could go to confession today, but alas I shall have to wait.  

I think for dinner I am going to make creamy chicken and veggies over home made cornbread dressing. 



  1. SuzieQ what a lovely first entry! I enjoyed reading your post and you are a very busy and ever-so-interesting woman! Can't wait to read the next post and I think you'll find blogging a great way to be part of this community of writers like us. Great start and you're awesome sugarbeet!

  2. I would NEVER have pegged you as a "hippie"! I see you as a devoted Catholic wife and mother. You are so fun to be around! I enjoy learning about you and your family. Welcome to the blogging world! You are awesome!!! I'm waiting patiently for your next post!

  3. Awesome! Love it! Fr ligouri told me my vocation is motherhood :) and funny my dh loves Anne rice ...we have more in common than i realized!

  4. You sound a lot like me. I've often been pegged as a hippie but I'm too conservative for that :-)

  5. Great job Susan! I feel I 'know' you a little better now. Keep 'em coming, we all will enjoy reading your blog. God Bless!