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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tis the Season... Don't Breathe the Yellow Air!!

Allergies.  Hay fever.  Sinuses.  Whatever you call it, it's here.  In full bloom.  Pun intended.  ;)

My backyard chain link fence is covered with Confederate Jasmine so tall you cannot see over it, and so thick you cannot see through it.  It's thick with blooms.  The breeze carries the scent of jasmine into my front yard, and down the driveway to the street. 

The smell is Heavenly.  But unfortunately it's also yellow.. from pollen.  It's covering everything.  The bumble bees are loving it!! :)

When you can't stop sneezing, blowing your nose, and your throat feels like you've spent a whole night, (or day), "throat singing", you know that allergy season is in full swing.  We're swearing off the dairy for the time being, and doing the "organic, locally grown honey", but it only seems to be helping a little.   However I have discovered that Fruit Chillers (frozen) are , yummy, and non-dairy, and feel pretty darn good on a sore throat.   We bought "Polar Raspberry".  :)   Also increasing our intake of green tea, and garlic, (don't make me mad or I'll breathe on ya!) ;)   And I'm planning to purchase some nettle tea also.  I don't know how much good it will do, but am brewing ginger tea now as I type this.  (slices of fresh ginger simmered on the stove at least one hour, a bit of lemon, sweeten to taste)

If anyone has any other natural remedies, I'm all ears! :)


  1. Hi Susie-Q, I was just reading this and as I have chronic sinus problems and also allergies. I wanted to know if the ginger "tea" helped at all? The best thing I have found when I am congested or if my nasal passages are dry is Sinus Rinse from the makers of the Neti Pot. It cleans out all the dried up gunk up there after a night of mouth breathing. I also use it after working in the yard or heavy dusting/cleaning to get the dirt out! Wonderful product! Much cheaper at BJ'S wholesale club if you have a membership.

  2. The ginger tea helped a LOT!! Make it as strong as you can stand it, and drink it hot. I put lemon and honey in mine. BUT the best thing I have found to ward off allergies is organic, locally grown, raw, unfiltered honey. If you don't have a bee keeper near you that you know of, check Craigs List (no I'm not kidding!) and if nothing else you can buy it at Whole Foods store in Mandarin. Take about a half teaspoon a day just like it's medicine and I promise you that the results are AMAZING!! The ginger tea got rid of what I had the the honey has kept it from coming back. :)

  3. One more thing... try raw, organic bee pollen. It helps too. :) I bought mine from ebay. But you can buy it at any of the "hippie stores". :)