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Monday, April 18, 2011

More on the intro........

**I am a Convert to the Catholic faith. I was baptized Catholic as a newborn but not raised as one.  I converted as an adult.  Both my children are Catholic.   Myself and my oldest did not get Confirmation names.  :(  I am going to make sure my youngest does get one.   Interestingly enough, the parish where I was baptized as a newborn was the same parish I went to for RCIA and was Confirmed in.

**I am addicted to tea.  I drank good old Southern Sweet Tea most of my life.. I try not to drink that now, but I do still drink a lot of herbal teas.. and some for medicinal purposes.    I believe that a lot of physical problems can be healed naturally.

**I wish I could travel, and visit new places.  Maybe one day.   I've never flown on a plane, traveled on a train, or had a passport.  The only trips/vacations I've had, I got there by car.  When I was a kid, we camped almost every year in the Smoky Mountains.  Those were the best vacations!!

**I am the eldest of three girls.  No brothers. :)  My granny had only girls.  I only have girls.  My aunt only has girls.  My sister has two girls, and a boy!!  Haha we finally got one! :)

**I have special places in my heart for babies, the elderly, little kids and animals.  I sometimes cry over a sad television show, movies, or... even really touching commercials.  Yes I am a wimp.

**I have never ice skated, roller bladed, or built a snowman in my life.  But I've swam in the ocean, went to Girl Scout Camp, cooked over a campfire, gathered eggs, walked over a fallen log to cross a creek, fed a bottle of milk to a baby goat, went fishing, been in a cemetery at night, and I've waded in the grassy part of the river to catch grass shrimp and poly wogs.  :)

**I am terrified of snakes, rats, big lizards, monkeys, spiders, big bugs, dobermans, (big dogs in general), and pitt bulls.  I used to not be afraid of so many things!  I'm afraid I've gotten worse as I've gotten older.

**I went to Washington DC, and saw the White House when I was a teenager.  And I climbed the steps to the Lincoln Memorial.  I would dearly love to take my kids to see those things.   I remember standing on Pennsylvania Avenue and looking through the fence at the White House.   You can't do that anymore.

**I used to bite my nails as a kid.  I made myself stop when I was about 14.  BECAUSE I had discovered boys.  LOL  Vanity had kicked in I guess. LOL

**I am allergic to flowering plants.  But I love them!!   My entire backyard fence is covered in Confederate Jasmine.  It's beautiful!

**I am mildly claustrophobic.  Thus, I am not very fond of elevators.

**I am paranoid about fire.  I actually have seven smoke alarms in my house, and I keep fresh batteries in them.  Having them go off when you make toast is not uncommon at all.  

**I spent part of my adolescent/teen years riding horses and wading in the creek and through the woods near an, (unbeknown to me at the time), old Civil War Camp.  We had pigs, chickens, rabbits, and a pet goat.

**I have never learned to drive a stick shift.

**Two of my favorite cities are St. Augustine, Florida and Savannah, Georgia.

**My favorite colors are pink, green, & cream.

**I absolutely HATE wearing high heeled shoes.  They hurt to wear, and I look and feel awkward in them.

**I wear my emerald ring on my right hand... and a Claddagh on my left.


  1. Susan! I haven't even read all of your post yet but wanted to tell you PLEASE talk with your pastor, you should be able to choose a confirmation name!!! Be sure to ask. It would be great for you two to pick a special saint ☺ ~*God Bless, Karen

  2. I did talk (recently) with a Brother on Facebook. He told me that unfortunately it *is* too late for my eldest daughter and I. Actually, we are pretty unhappy about it. We sort of feel cheated. There are Saints we love very much and feel particularly drawn to, but no one ever mentioned it or gave us the option to choose one while going through RCIA. I will speak to my pastor about it. Thank you Karen for your post... I hope that Father knows a way or can at least advise us! :) Hoping you're having a beautiful and blessed Good Friday! :)

  3. Ahem......I'm waiting patiently for another post, my friend (hint, hint)!

  4. LOL Bless you Nancy!! Yes I have been "slacking" but gosh I've been a busy girl! :) Promise one later. When are you leaving for your trip? You lucky, lucky woman! Love you!! <3 :)