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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Meme: Patron Saint of What?

Challenge given to me by my dear friend Sue Elvis.  I encourage you to check out her blogs.

I was tagged for this meme...  to write about being a patron saint.  Yes.  You read that right.  I am hardly a candidate for this, *laughs*, but what if either (a) I was suddenly filled with amazing holiness and all the needed saintly attributes and 'it' happened?  Either that, or (b), Rome seriously lowers their standards.  Bwaahahaahaa!  No, that's NOT going to happen.  But it *would* take a major miracle.

So hypothetically, for grins and giggles, and for the sheer amusement of anyone reading this... lets just entertain that thought a moment.  
"What if?"

 I am kicking these thoughts around as I fry Taylor's pork roll for my family's breakfast.  Patron saint of what?  Southern women?  Momma's who like feeding folks?  Maybe not.  Patron saint of lousy housekeepers seems more fitting. LOL

Ailments seem to be a popular choice.  How about patron saint of the anemic?  Of hay-fever sufferers?  Patron saint of anxiety sufferers?  Hmm.  I think there are saints already for all of those.  

Perhaps the patron saint of thrift store addicts?  Of book nerds?  How about Patron Saint of the mildly eccentric?  LOL

Like many others, I am a convert to the Catholic faith.  I would surely pray for other converts... but I am pretty sure there are far better choices than myself to choose for this particular area.  I have no doubt I had a least a couple people praying for me as I went through RCIA, and Heaven knows... I have struggled with my faith and IN my faith.  I've had times when I've even turned my back on my faith.. but I digress.. there are tons of converts out there.. I think that area will be much better covered by someone (if it isn't already) who is a far better Catholic than I.  Which would NOT be a stretch.

Anyhoodles...  I am pretty sure suffering has to be involved.  And lets face it, we all do suffer, one way or another.  I could claim a few health issues, (we all could) and I could claim my weight and my lap band surgery.  But there's a whole lot of us in that department, so I don't think it would be a good choice personally.  Though Lord only knows, I would sure pray for anyone who's went through stuff like I have in regard to weight and health.

Perhaps a good choice for me, though, in all seriousness, is for women who've been abandoned in pregnancy.   All of us tend to be more understanding and have more empathy towards others who suffer as we ourselves have suffered.  And I did.

The fears.  The abandonment.  Facing having a baby and raising he or she all alone.. is a terrifying situation.   The emotional and financial aspects of it all... yes... I can relate to that entire situation.  I know how if feels.  I know the fears.  I've endured the mental anguish... and all the looks.. that run the span between concern to sympathy to contempt to amusement to disdain.  

Yes, I could pray for someone in this situation.  Fervently.

And thank God, I had a lot of someone's praying for me.  

A patron saint I will never be.  Sorry.  I am just NOT that holy.  But saintly or not.  I can pray.   I may not be your "friend in high places", but I CAN be your friend who prays for you. 

I am hereby, (thus the blogging meme rules), tagging 5 lovely friends.  And the Tag-ees are:

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  1. This is a great cause to Patron. There are many women abandonned in pregnancy.

    St Joseph would help you with this cause too. He could well have abandonned his girl-friend Mary when she told him she was pregnant. And what's more ... she claimed the baby was the Son of God!!! Many men would have ran a mile in the opposite direction. He didn't.

    God bless you.

  2. Susan, thank you for joining in! We are learning a lot about ourselves and each other as we write this meme. What pains you hide behind such a cheerful exterior. Thank you for sharing. And I hope that you will continue to be my friend who prays for me. And I will pray for you!