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Monday, August 8, 2011

Miami, Bono, Ducks, & French Fries

My third date with Bono was June 29, 2011.  LOL  Okay, so not really.  It was, however, my third U2 concert, and first one for me in Miami.  Second U2 show for my husband and daughters.  I could tell you about how awesome the show was, but honestly there are no words to describe it.  U2 puts on the best show, and currently have the biggest stage in the world.   It looks like a giant claw... Bono calls it a spaceship... and yes.. you find yourself elevated...  it's a soul touching, mind-blowing experience.  I still can't get through the show without sobbing like a silly school girl. *blush* All the band is amazing, and Bono knows just how to pull the fans "in" to make it feel intimate.  They are famous for a reason.  They are the best at what they do. :)   I can hardly wait til next tour! :)

At any rate, we went down to Miami Lakes, Florida a day early.   The drive only took five hours, and I am proud to say that I drove most of it myself.   As a Florida native, I am used the lush green of Florida.  In North Florida where we live, it's green and sub-tropical but with a lot of the "woodsiness" of Georgia.  Miami, however, was even more beautiful.  Always I've heard what a terrible city, making it sound like hell on earth.  That is not what I found.

Miami is like North Florida, only less of the "woodsy" and more of the "tropical".   Yes, it was just as muggy and hot as the rest of the state, but with the differences I noticed, I overlooked the heat.  During our four day stay, I encountered other U2 fans, literally from all over the world.  Funny, we fans can always find each other.  Most of the fans wear a U2 tee shirt the duration of their stay... my U2 Sister Angela has an assortment of U2 shirts she wears.  I don't *yet* own a U2 tee shirt, but I have (now) a U2 hat, and a lanyard my teenage daughter made me, that has made quite a few people, (for the last two shows), stop me and ask how I got "that backstage pass!"  LOL Oh wow.... I WISH!!! :)

Our U2 base camp, (haha), hotel we stayed at was owned and operated by a Cuban family.  They were so NICE and friendly and courteous!   All the staff was great.  We ate at a Cuban restaurant the day of the concert.  We couldn't read the Spanish menu.  My lovely friend Angela taught me how to order french fries (papas fritas), in Spanish, and helped us order lunch. ;)   Her Spanish isn't perfect either, LOL, so our friendly Cuban server went to find someone bi-lingual in the kitchen to translate. :)   We did get our orders, and I have sworn to myself that I will learn more Spanish before the next time we go to Miami.  We can't just live off of papas fritas.  :)

One thing I noticed in Miami is at many intersections, there is someone selling fresh flowers.   We don't have that here, and I thought it was funny and sort of charming.  Another funny thing I noticed was the ducks!  At the two restaurants we went to, there were ducks waddling by outside. :)

I loved Miami.  Yes, we saw BAD sections, (from the expressway) that we vowed to never go in.. (READ:  DO NOT ever go to Miami Gardens!)  But mostly, the city was beautiful and welcoming and a joy to visit.  U2 show or not, I loved our stay in Miami.  I was surprised as we were leaving, as I'd found I was a little sad to go.    

The name "Miami" means "big lakes".  I considered this as we were leaving, and then how "Miami" sounds similar to "mon ami".   Perfect.  Goodbye for now, mon ami Miami.  Can't wait to visit you again.  Besides, I'm always ready for another date with Bono! :)

ETA:  Interesting note: Bono is the only person who has been nominated for an Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe, and three times for a Nobel Prize.


  1. Hi Susan, I was happily typing away here, chatting to you about Miami and U2 and then my comment disappeared off somewhere into the blogosphere. If it landed in your inbox, please ignore it as I hadn't finished!

    Here is version 2: Now I remember saying what a great post this is! So entertaining. And I wish I could visit Miami. I can't do that but I could get to know U2. Can you believe I have never really listened to U2? I think I am probably the right age to have known about U2 when they first became famous. I vaguely remember my friends going off to U2 concerts and absolutely loving them. Another blogging friend wrote a post about going to a U2 concert, the other day. Something tells me I have been missing out. But it's not too late!

    Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I love the photo and the lanyard. Backstage pass? Pity security didn't get fooled!

    God bless and thank you for the wonderful story.

  2. Hahahaa!! Thank you Sue! No Ma'am, it is never too late to be a U2 fan. :) I have loved them since I was 14 years old.. and I am 43 now... 44 in November. Best "early" stuff is War, and The Joshua Tree, then best album ever, (in my oh so humble opinion) is Achtung Baby which came out in '91. Amazing stuff and they are still going strong and rocking on! The lyrics have become more thoughtful I think, as they've gotten older. Bono writes most of the lyrics, and though he has always had bible verses in songs and so forth, his love of God is obvious, and he has definitely grown in his faith. The rosary he wears was given to him personally by JPII. U2 have gotten older, they've matured, but they still the biggest rock band in the world, and a whole new generation of fans love them. My kids are both U2 fans. :) ..not that I gave them any choice in the matter, LOL!

  3. Great blog Susan! I was smiling the entire time I read it, as I reminisced about the Miami show. Such fun times! I really enjoyed hanging out with you and your family. Reminiscing about the concert the next day at The Field was fun too. We always have so much fun! Love ya "U2 sister!" :)