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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Baking Batches of Love..

This week I've done some Christmas baking... and am STILL baking.  I made (so far) a grand total of 205 cookies.  Pass the milk! ;)

I've made 89 Peanut Butter cookies. (Don't ask me how I always come up with odd numbers of cookies!  It just works out that way!)  And these are not just 'any' peanut butter cookies... half of these have chopped honey roasted peanuts in them.  116 oatmeal cookies.  6 with pecans.  6 just plain oatmeal, 43 were oatmeal double chocolate.. 34 big oatmeal & cinnamon cookies.. (Mmmm)... aaaand 27 nice big oatmeal cookies with chopped honey roasted peanuts and blueberry flavored cranberries. My hubby loves cranberries, so he will especially enjoy those. :)

I like to send cookies in with my husband to his workplace, and I have a few others I like to fix a plate of cookies for.  And of course, my family eats a lot of them too!  Cookies are such a fun thing to bake.  Easy to mix the dough, and spoon onto the waiting baking sheet... and these amazing cookies come out, golden and warm.  
Baking is one of my most favorite things to do. I love putting on my frilly pink apron, and the kids and pets are all immediately interested, and my girls wanting to help make the dough... wanting their turn to stir... I love the way our home smells when I'm baking... the kids trying to eat the raw dough, and the dogs begging and pleading, (especially for the peanut butter ones!).  Hubby calling me from work, wanting to know what kind I'm making, and asking for his favorites.  

Baking is pure joy.  It's homeyness.  And, as Robyn tells me, "Mom, that's because you put in a secret ingredient. Love."


  1. Why not put some cookies on this Blog so we can taste them too?


    God bless.

  2. oh, super yummy! Can I come for coffee and cookies? :-D

  3. Hahahaa!! You are welcome any time! :)