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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Neighborhood Garden

Tree huggin' Momma chiming in again. :)  Okay, not really.  I mean, I *am* chiming in, but it's probably been about three years since I've literally hugged a tree. ;)

After watching the movie "Food, Inc." a few months ago, (checked out at my local library but you can watch the trailer here:  )  I will tell you ALL that we have not been the same since.  

We have started buying organic.  Okay, not meats... can't afford them.  But we are looking into buying maybe 1/2 a grass fed cow or pig in the future.   There is an older couple down the road that sells fresh organic brown eggs and I've been buying them.  And, best of all, I've joined us up with a local organic co-op... The Neighborhood Garden... and so each week our family is now getting a nice green bag of lovely produce for a 25% savings.  And it's different each week.   We love it!!

So why are we eating organic?  Because NOW I know that the conventional produce is literally poisonous.   I have unknowingly poisoned my own children all this time.  What a horrible shock to find out that when I was feeling like such a good mom getting them in-season apples, I was no different than the wicked stepmother in Snow White.  The quintessential poisoned apple.  Think I'm exaggerating?  I wish I were.  Apples tops the list of the most pesticide ridden produce out there.  Other culprits?  Strawberries and celery.  There's a whole list, but those are the top ones.  

I get teased some.... but that's okay.  Lots of people I know, family included, have taken steps and are doing little things, like buying the hormone free milk.   Woo Hoo!  What a great start!  I am really proud, and hope that they continue to make changes... for the sake of their own health and for their families.

Yes, I am fat.  Overweight.  Unhealthy.  But I am making changes.  Trying to get myself healthier.  My family healthier.   I know it's all the rage for the "magic pill" or the "magic drink" or whatever.  Something that someone cooked up in a lab... pffft.  What about what God Himself gave us to nourish our bodies?    I don't think anybody here is going to get a leg up on God.  :P tongue

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