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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Changes and Cheat Sheets

Today is Gaudete Sunday, and we are still trying to get used to the New Translation in the mass.  Initially when I heard about the changes about a year ago, I was a tad nervous, but psyched.  Australia  is such lucky-ducks!  I have read that they've been getting used to it since this past Pentecost!!  Our parish did try and warm us up a little a few weeks before Advent started.  I was feeling quite confident responding with, "and with your spirit".  But then Advent started, and I found myself reading with my eyes one thing, but hearing the 'old' responses coming out of my mouth out of sheer habit.  

"Consubstantial" is an intimidating word that has never before come out of this Southern mouth before in my life.   Even my spell check didn't have it listed.  I had to 'add' it!
Con = with     Substance = being // essence.    I like that. 

Oooooh and new Missalettes too.  Me likey. :)    

I love the fact that these changes will deepen our understanding of the Sacred Liturgy.  It's exciting. :)  Yes, we are still tripping over our tongues and grabbing for our laminated 'cheat sheets' in every pew, (old responses are VERY ingrained!) but nevertheless, it IS 'exciting!  I want to print out the 'new' Creed, and tape it up in our house in a few places, so we can read it as we see it and hopefully learn it faster. :)  Actually, I'll probably laminate it.  We're slobs.  LOL

I've heard that this "new" translation isn't really a 'new', but in fact, closer to what the translation originally was.  That's pretty cool stuff! :)   I know a lot of people are displeased with the changes... I cannot fathom why.  Why would you NOT want something that will be deeper... holier... closer to what it ought to be?   My goodness, the mass itself has not changed.  

Apparently, masses used to all be said in Latin, until Rome gave permission for the mass to be said in other languages.  I have no problem with the Latin mass...except... I don''t speak Latin.   I have actually considered getting the Rosetta Stone for Latin, but not sure I should.  That's an awful lot of money... on something I might be too thick-headed to learn anyway.  

I love the thought of the Latin mass, and enjoy it when I do attend, even if I am completely lost.   I love the solemness of beauty of the Latin.   I just wish I could follow along better.  Maybe our diocese can have a class... "Latin Mass for Dummies" or something like that.  I'd be there!!  

I love our traditional parish.  We now attend an earlier mass with only alter boys... no girls on the alter.  Funny.  Both my girls have alter served in the past, but neither ever felt comfortable with it.  It didn't feel right with them.   Now we've changed to this earlier mass, with just the boys on the alter, and maybe this sounds crazy but it just FEELS right.  More veiled heads.  We love it.  My girls both want to join the choir.  Robyn starts CCD next week since she has Confirmation in two years. 

Just had a thought.  *snicker*  When the two times a year attendance Catholics come on Christmas, I wonder how they're going to like the changes.  LOL  And.... if they don't make it, and don't come til Easter Sunday, they'll really be up the creek when there will be MUCH less of the "cheat sheets" floating around the church.

Old habits die hard, my friends.  And there are always going to be naysayers.  But I have to remind myself that those naysayers are the ones who have to face themselves in the mirror.  Instead, they ought to tape some of the new changes to their mirror, and each time they peer into that mirror, smile at themselves as they learn the changes... and realize how rich and beautiful it really is. :)   "Lord, I am not worthy..."



  1. Susan,

    I love the new translation too! We attended a series of workshops during Lent that explained all the changes. There is a wonderful DVD set available that we used: I keep meaning to buy a copy. It was out of stock last time I went to order one.

    Yes, we have been using the new translation here in Australia for some months now. It has been different in different parishes though. Some introduced it after Pentecost and I guess there were some who left it until Advent. Our own parish introduced the changes gradually over a few weeks so our priest could explain carefully each change. We've been using the full translation for a few months now.

    I was thinking about the pew cards: we really should be memorising the responses by now. We'll have to make more effort!

    Love your post! God bless you.

  2. Susan, I love the new changes in the Mass but even with a cheat sheet still find myself making mistakes! Lol Blessings, Sue Mcmillen aka januarylily or evensong

  3. Two comments from two Sues! LOL! Thank you Ladies! :)

    I am still making mistakes with the cheat sheets too! :) But we'll all learn it all eventually. :)

    God Bless!! :) +JMJ+