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Sunday, March 24, 2013


I am not not 'awesome'.
I am not a great housekeeper.
I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
I am not Mother of the Year.
I am not currently able to thread a sewing machine, let alone sew.
I am not crafty, and have to reply on kits, youtube, & crafty friends to do anything.
I am not patient.
I am not physically fit.
I am not tall.
I am not tech-savvy.

I am fat.
I am a bit of a Princess.
I am a fallen Southern Belle, who wishes I was a better one.. (not so fallen).
I am a good Southern cook, and I love feeding people.
I am blessed with a heavy Southern accent.
I am addicted to sweet iced tea.
I am careful of others' feelings.
I am tactful, and believe in good manners.
I am disgusted by profanity, and loud, ill-mannered people.
I am a great believer in modesty.
I am a tad obsessive.
I have phobias about shopping malls, bridges, and elevators.
I have a deep rooted fear about "losing control" in public.
I am sometimes short tempered and impatient.
I am clumsy, and have zero balance.
I am easily amused, too talkative, too friendly, and too easily hurt/wounded.

I am a Daddy's Girl.

I am devoted to my husband...
I love my family completely.

I am guilty of taking things personally, taking them to heart, and unable to forget them.
I am the owner of a perpetually ill/painful stomach.
I am often suffering from depression or anxiety.
I am guilty of not wanting to talk to anyone or even step foot out-of-doors when I'm depressed.
I am often socially awkward.

I am a book nerd, a U2topian, and a Whovian.
I am the object of ridicule to a lot of people because most things I do are outside "the norm".
I am impressed by good writing, and admire the vision of artists in their work.
I am a collector of whimsical artsy things that catch my eye.
I am fond of plants, though I am terrible at growing them.
I like collecting pretty rocks and shells.

I love candles, potpourri, scented oils and incense, and always have some burning.
I am often sad, feel misunderstood, and wonder why I am even here.
I am very devout in my love for God, even though I know I totally suck and am never going to measure up.
I am far more forgiving of others than I am of myself.
I am in need of a good therapist.  Again.  
I am never going to stop messing things up, even though I don't mean to.
I am never going to be Super Mom. 
I am fiercely protective of my children.
I am loyal, empathetic, trusting, ....and fearful.
I am never going to get things right.  
I am my own worst critic.

I dream of living anonymously, miles away from anyone else.
I dream of having my own secret garden to get lost in.

I dream of having more babies, and having a huge family.  (impossible, but still)
I dream of being self-sufficient.
I dream of being strong, un-afraid, and capable.
I dream of the grandchildren that hopefully the Lord will bless me with one day.


  1. You and I have a lot of the same quirks! Some of the same dreams too! I think we were made to be friends, Susan. I love you!

  2. Awww!! I love you too Miss Nancy!! :) ♥

  3. Susan,

    You are a beautiful person and you are my friend. That is all that matters!

    God bless!

    1. Awww!!! You are such a wonderful friend to me too, Sue. I sure wish we didn't live half a world apart. I just know we'd be close friends if we lived near each other. :) Even half a world away, you inspire me, and help me grow. I love you!! ♥