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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Return to Hippie Food

After God only knows how long of straying back into the world of processed foods, today I have returned my family to the joys of natural food.  I don't know about anyone else, but I just FEEL better when I get away from the garbage.

Last night, in preparation for our "decent food" return, after I put a sack of pinto beans on to soak,  I decided to start us off with a big pot of oat groats.  I like making it... it's delicious, and healthy, and we will eat off of it for days until it's gone.  I loaded this pot up with 2 bananas, unsulphured blackstrap molasses, a mix of dried raisins and cranberries, and some freshly shelled pecans.   We ended up eating bowls of it for dinner, but I made so much we had plenty for today, and tomorrow too.   

The pinto beans I put in my crockpot this morning with plenty of water, and some seasoning.  I sliced and browned a link of lean smoked sausage, and added it to the pintos, then steamed a bowl of rice.  Pretty good stuff.  

Today I put aside my favorite sweet tea, and made fruit water.  If you've never made it, it's easy to do.  All you need is some fresh fruit, or some cucumber slices and some fresh mint, or whatever you like.  If you have absolutely nothing fresh, then you can use a little bottled fruit juice.  It's better than nothing.   I fill my glass half full with ice, then I squeezed the juice of a fresh orange into the glass.  I sliced a little of the orange into a few slices and added it to the glass, and topped it off with ice cold water.  I am NOT a water drinker.. but something about the little bit of a fruit taste and the visual appeal of the slices in there with the ice cubes is nice.  Now I've went from a plain blah old glass of water.. and now it is transformed into a glass of water wearing a prom dress! :)   Now it's something I WANT to drink, will actually enjoy, and have the added perk of some vitamin C. :)

Looking in my fridge, I have two eggplant I am going to need to cook, as soon as possible.  I have those, a few green tomatoes, and two heads of cabbage.  Not a blessed thing to make a salad out of.   I will have to get back out to the Farmers Market soon.  

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