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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Purpose to Please God... Not Others

Yesterday I blogged about my curse.   The curse of being a tender-hearted, sensitive person who "needs to get a grip" and "cries over everything".  I have thought about it... and I know God made me a softie for a reason.  I don't know what His reason was/is.  But if it pleases Him, who am I to argue?  But it sure does make things hard sometimes though!  I guess we all have our cross to bear.

A friend of mine stated yesterday on her facebook wall that "everything she does is 'wrong'".   I am sorry that someone made her feel that way.  She's an awesome person, and she does not deserve that.  

I am certain it was more than one person who hurt her.  Facebook, I swear, is one great big drama-fest.   Many times I have considered just deleting my account and forgetting about it.  I get tired of posting things (that I think is just something innocent) and that makes 'certain (obviously very bored) people' think that this is a great reason to argue with or attack me..publicly of course... or even worse, using what I post to make fun of me and spread their ugly embellished comments to others... all behind my back.  Again.   There are certain people in our lives that any of us SHOULD be able to trust, well... some of them you just CAN'T trust and probably never will.  That sounds bad but that is the truth.   And let's face it.  There are some who really, really think that the world revolves around them, so unless they are discussing how awesome they 'think' that they are, then they'd just as soon not even bother to converse at all.  Which, I have to tell you, would be perfectly fine with me.   So yeah... I don't post a lot any more.. and nothing personal if I can help it.   I'd rather just stay in my 'bubble'. :(

It stinks to feel like you're constantly disappointing people for not being a certain way.  I try and remember that as long as I am striving to please God, and that I am being the best wife and mom I can be, than that is ALL that matters.  But you know, sometimes it's hard when other people think you're screwed up as Hogan's Goat.   *laughs*  I guess it wouldn't be so hard if I weren't such a people pleaser to go with everything else.   Too friendly.  Too trusting.  Too easily fooled.  Too Sensitive...  *sighs*.... 

Sensitive and screwed up.  That's me.  But God loves me anyway.  *big grin*  


  1. Susan,

    I've spent a lot of time trying to please others and feeling I am a disappointment. You are so right. We are the people God created. We should just worry about pleasing Him. It does hurt though when others make us feel we're not acceptable. So sorry you're feeling this way.

    God bless!

    1. Thanks... I guess I am still smarting from yesterday. I had just watched a news story where a baby was shot in the face by two teens who were robbing the baby's mother.. and I was crying, my heart just breaking.. and then I got a call from a person who said, "OH SHEESH! GET A GRIP!" and went on to act like I had a mental deficiency. I felt absolutely crushed, and was miserable the rest of the evening. I am trying to think of all this in a positive light, that God made me tender hearted and so forth, but it's hard to remember that when people are just mean and cruel. I hate knowing my friend was hurt yesterday.. and I know recently you had someone post something very hateful to you also. I wish I could understand why some people are just so mean. I suppose I will never understand that. Love to you my friend.. thank you for stopping by to read and comment! :) ♥

  2. Well, I am DEFINITELY as screwed up as a Hogan's Goat! For almost 5 years, I have avoided the "vaccination" discussion. It's a hot button issue and people are passionate on both sides. The truth is, I don't really have much of an opinon either way. I do vaccinate my children...but it's not because of some HUGE conviction I have or because I have 100% faith in the medical community! Honestly, I just never thought about it at all. I just did it because it's what you did. I was vaccinated, so I just always assumed it's just what you did. After Nathan was born, I became more aware of the controversy. I asked my pediatrician about it. He was very kind and gentle. He explained everything to me and informed me that it was MY choice, not his choice. He got his first set of shots and then, as it was time for others, the MD and I decided that he would give them SEPERATELY....not 8-10 shots all at once. He was absolutely fine with that! Since the girls have been born, we've changed pediatricians..and our current doctor has done the same thing. She has allowed me to make the decision about vaccinations. Personally, I see the value in doing it. Everyday I see the medical records of these Wolfsons kids that die needlessly. However, I ALSO see the value of NOT doing it. My cousin Gena is a crazy person. She's a crazy person because she doesn't believe in modern medicine AT ALL! She thinks ALL doctors are quacks and that every single medication out there on the market has been purposefully "poisoned" to make us need more. She's paranoid, I tell ya. She believes that the con-trails in the sky made by military planes is actually the government poisoning us on purpose....?? Now, believe, I have very little faith in our government...but I don't think everything is a conspiracy. According to her...I should use modern toothpaste, baking powder or metal kitchen utensils because they all contain aluminum and that causes alsheimers! Truly, if I listened to her...I should just stand naked in the middle of a field for the rest of my life and hope for the best! Anyway, I'm rambling..and I'm sorry. I know better than to get involved in that controversial subject. Heck, my original post was about my shock at realizing that over 30,000 people die from the flu each year. That is all!!! I said NOTHING about the flu vaccine! Anyway, I should have shut up a lot earlier! Sigh. OK...I'm now done. OK, I more thing that I want to make crystal clear....

  3. Nancy, I agree it's a hot topic... and it shouldn't be. What you do with your kids, and what I do with mine, is between us, our husbands, our kids, our doctors, and God. And no one else's business. I do encourage people to learn all the facts about anything.. pros and cons first. I don't trust our government either, and like you I don't believe everything is a conspiracy. But I think that it's very personal, and as mothers we all have to make the choice of what we feel is best and we owe no one else any explanation. God bless you my friend!! ♥