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Friday, January 6, 2012

And It's Not Even Friday the 13th Yet...

Sometimes a gal just needs to vent.  This would be one of those times.

I have a cold.  My throat is sore and I feel terrible.  My kids are awesome kids, but, they can be lazy and not do what I expect of them... such as making their bed, bringing in the newspaper recycling bin, (and throwing the newspapers on the couch instead), and leaving towels down all over the floor.  Today, both were guilty of this.  I have to remind them I am not their maid.  I am sick of clutter and things being not put away, and stuff left out... and not to mention messy bedrooms, bathroom, and den.  Oh... and a thousand glasses fanned out all over the house.

This morning I found out that the old man we buy our eggs from is a registered sex offender.  I was getting his address so I could recommend his free range brown eggs to a friend... so I googled his name to get his house number, and there he was.  Big color picture, and his disgusting offenses.  I was horrified. I had no idea.  I had noticed he had commented about my 11-yr-old a couple of times, but I had blown it off... thinking he was just a nice, grandfatherly old man.  Yeah. Right.  Praise God I never turned my back on him with my kids.  Recently he'd suggested I bring my daughter over so he could show her his garden, and let her pick vegetables... (which she would love doing), but now I think of that and wonder if he had something else in mind. :(   The thought sickens me.  I can't believe I bought eggs and veggies off of him for months now... and he's a PREDATOR!!.  A child molesting predator.  How dumb am I that I didn't google him to start with?  My ignorance could have hurt my kids!

Later, (maybe an hour later), I found out that a friend of mine is leaving the country for two years.  Admittedly we are not close, but she is a sweetheart, and is one of my very favorite people in the whole world... and that is important to someone like me who doesn't know many people and am not exactly running over with friends. So I feel like a friend is being taken away whom I care about.  I know she is coming back, but my heart is sad.

My eldest and I were talking.  I told her that sometimes you have to play the Glad Game, (like Pollyanna), and for everything that is bad... you try and think of something to be glad about it.  By not buying those eggs anymore, it forces me to buy them from our favorite health food store.  And our further supporting a local store we trust is a good thing.  And as far as my friend... she will have an exciting time out of the country... I'm sure she'll stay in touch via facebook, and she IS coming back.  I should be excited for her.  Right?  

Forty five minutes later, I had just dropped my teen off at work and was on the way home.. a car ahead of me hit a squirrel.  It was still alive as I straddled it with my tires, in horror over what I'd just seen.  Poor little thing.  I didn't know whether to just hit it and put it out of it's misery... but SERIOUSLY??? Who can point-blank hit any creature on purpose?!  I surely can not... even to spare it a few moments of suffering.  I knew it would be dead in a couple of minutes... but still.  It was sickening and horrible and sad.  I know someone out there is rolling their eyes and going, "Sheesh, Susan, get a grip it was just a squirrel."  Well too bad.  I love animals and I can't bear to see any of them suffer.  That was HORRIBLE! :(  So I straddled the poor little thing, and prayed that it died quickly. :(

Our 7 month old puppy Abby was good most of the day, then decided to be a dickens and raid my eldest daughters garbage, chew it into specks and spread it all over the front room for me to enjoy.  (I didn't.)  My very old dog (14 and a half years old), doesn't feel good and is cranky, and feels she must loudly protest (bark) whenever the pup is near her, or if something isn't going her way.  She can barely get up and down, and when she is up, she tends to stagger like a drunk from the severe arthritis in her old hips.  This evening she was doing this in the kitchen, as I was removing the salad spinner from the fridge.  I had to take a quick side-step to keep from bumping my very old girl, (old dogs fall down and I can't bear to see her in pain), and so when I did this, my FULL-to-the-top salad spinner of organic green leaf lettuce, (washed and torn up, ready to eat), hit my kitchen floor and went everywhere.  I am ashamed to say that filth spewed from my mouth. Did I mention I have dogs?  In the house?  Yeah... I was not amused.

I called my hubby at work.  I told him everything, and cried.  He thought it was funny.  He reminded me that next Friday is "Friday the 13th".  Oh joy.

So I have decided that I am going to make myself a nice hot toddy... with extra "toddy", and go to bed.

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  1. Susan, so sorry you've had a bad day. I've had a horrendous last couple of days too. I need to email and catch up. A friend to talk to is a real blessing. God bless!