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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Changes at Home, Decluttering, a Coat of Paint, and "The Glad Game"

 My days and nights as a vampire mom (LOL) are coming to an end.  This is actually, the last week.  Ours days and nights have been mixed up as a result of my husband's work schedule.  His new schedule changes begin next week, so that means changes for our family. :)   We, the kids and I, are excited.  We feel that our sleep patterns are SO messed up, that we are missing out on life.. literally!  Sitting up to wee hours, then sleeping super late... I hate that.  We ALL hate that.    I am really, really looking forward to going to bed early, and waking up early, and getting  more accomplished.

I have been reading a lot.. having some personal issues I am trying to overcome... and have decided to make some small changes, slowly, and then keep them up....  radical change, I don't think ANYONE can do.  But this is 'not' a 'race' and no 'deadlines' (I love the sound a deadline makes as it goes whooshing past)  LOL   But (for example) cutting back on my tea and drinking more water, eating more fruit.  Weeding out things in our home that are just useless 'clutter' and don't bring me or anyone else joy.  If an item is used, or needed, or even if it's just something beautiful that brings me joy, then it stays.   If it is something I've not used in the past year, out it goes.  If an article of clothing is ill-fitting or makes me feel like a cow, then out it goes.   Everything donated, of course, as I would never ever toss out any thing, no matter how trivial, that someone, somewhere could use or benefit from.

I want to clean out and re-organize (again) my pantry, laundry room, and closets.  Hubby doesn't know it yet, but I want my laundry room and pantry painted.  I don't care if he thinks I've lost my marbles.  I am telling you I want them painted. :)  LOL  I have gotten quite a bit organized already in the laundry room and I want to continue that.  And since I do have to do laundry in there, and I store some of my smaller appliances in there, I want it to look cheerful and inviting when I go in there.. everything proper in it's place, easy to find, and pleasing to the eye.  After all, it's part of my home... and our home is almost 40 years old.  "Umphing up" is needed. :)

In our master bathroom, I want to repaint.  I want to clear it out in there, toss out stuff I don't ever use, neaten and organize everything.  Maybe, perhaps, buy a new lacy curtain for the window.. maybe not.. I rather like the one there... and put in a small pot of succulents to add a bit of prettiness to the window sill.  Later, a new shower curtain.  The tiles are all new... as is the commode... but, I'd like a new sink basin and cabinet... but that can all come later.  I'll be pleased with a simple coat of paint and some organization for now. :)

I do like "good" changes, that I can plan and do according to my 'comfort level' and at my own pace.   When Mark painted our front room before Christmas, I was so happy.  Our walls in the front room are painted paneling..  and he painted them a lovely vanilla bean with gardener green trim.  (it looks much prettier in person) Since I have a ficus tree in each one of those rooms, I thought it looked wonderful together.  Florida is a very bright, sunny place to live.   With a very bright sun, and large "picture" windows in every room, it lets a lot of light in.  I like it to feel airy and open and clean feeling.  Uncluttered, and have that sunny feeling... but of course within the comfort of an air conditioned house! LOL  

I want my living room and dining room painted the same colors, and we want to rip out this disgusting old carpet and put in some flooring.  We'd 'like' hardwood floors, but oh well.  (too expensive)  So we will go with that stuff that 'looks' like hardwood floors, but isn't.  Mark also wants to put in a chair rail in the dining room, and I am drooling over a new chandelier (way too expensive) that I saw in a store a year ago.  (That will probably continue to stay there in the store!) I do want to buy new lacy curtains for these three rooms, and Mark is hand painting some 'fancy' molding pieces to trim the top of the wall (sort of where stencil would go) in my living room.  I've always wanted an ivy stencil or something there... and lo and behold he found this lot of individual flower moldings to paint and put up.  I love the thought of it and am so happy that he is going to make these for me. :)  Now if I can just get him to DO it, that would be great!  They're already bought, and some of the painting done... just get them finished and up. :)

Buying new things isn't always an option.  But small changes, such as the decluttering, and some organizing, and some fresh paint, can sure make things a lot nicer, and feel prettier, cleaner, and well... more "homey" feeling. :)

Putting my thoughts and energy into something healthy and positive will help 'me' too.  I may not be Pollyanna.  But sometimes you have to play "the glad game".  And sometimes, you just really, really want to. :)

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  1. Hey Susan! We want to get rid of this disgusting carpet too! I'm good with laminate flooring...there is some advantages over hardwood. Try "Floor and Decor" won't find cheaper flooring anywhere in the city!