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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Depression, A Beauty Queen, & Surviving

Just sharing an article I found.

I have loved and admired Delta Burke since she was on Designing Women.   Beautiful, smart, classy, and definitely Southern.  A Florida girl like me.  We even share the same maiden name.  Delta was everything I ever wanted to be.  

I have loosely followed her over the years... hating it every time the tabloids picked on her, (jerks!), and nobody could say anything bad about her.   She was what I wanted to be, and I would not hear anything negative about her.  I still won't.  

As I got older, and started gaining weight, and even Delta, in all her perfectness, was gaining too.  Well for pity's sake.  If it can happen to a beauty queen, it could happen to anyone.  

I have struggled with depression for years.   Delta was on a television show.. I forget which one... and there were these women on there... some just girls... sobbing... they were depressed.  They hated their bodies.  Hated themselves.  Felt unworthy and unlovable.  Delta sat next to them... I don't remember her saying a lot... but by gosh she had the guts to get up there.. and sit next to them, and she HEARD them as they let their pain out...  I remember watching her face as she listened to them.  Delta got it.  She really did.  Delta has struggled in her personal life.  Depression, OCD,  and Hoarding..  she has suffered.. like so many of us suffer, every day.   She talks about her hospitalization even.  

Someone like Delta who had been there, done that, and inspires others... well.. she inspires 'me'!    When a celebrity is able to stand up and say YES this is something that I struggle with..  it lessens the shame that many depression sufferers feel.  This lady is awesome!!

I just found this article.  It's less than a year old.  I encourage you-all to read this article, if you've ever lived with depression...  I am planning to check out this book, and maybe purchase it.  

On the Couch...with Delta Burke

Actress, Stigmabuster, Survivor. 

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