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Friday, March 23, 2012

Unschooling Journey

Okay.  I am a nervous Momma.  I have been a 'wannabe' unschooler for about two years now.  I believe in my heart it's the right thing to do.  Hard though, to get rid of those old 'mindsets'... and knowing in my heart this is a better way for our family.  Those old ways are 'drilled' into me... the change will be easier for my daughter.  The biggest struggle will be with myself.

Blogging these links for not only myself, but for anyone else who may find this useful!!  Wow I am nervous about starting this!!   We've already been "unschooling" to 'a degree'... I am going to try and 'completely' unschool now... Lord, help me do the right thing!!  I want to do the best by my kids, and want to please You, Lord!  Help me!!

Here is the first book I bought...

And here's the links I've been reading....

The Unschoolers Emporium Will Help You On Your Unschooling Journey:

And these are the two latest books I've bought, that my dear Catholic mom friends are recommending and using themselves.


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