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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Some days.....

Some days.....

Some days I like to sleep late, and then lie in bed and watch a funny movie with my hubby.  

Some days I want to twirl in my skirt, and sit on the swings under our silver maple tree, and listen to the birds and the wind chimes while I swing.

Some days, I want to be a fruit-itarian.

Some days, I want to dye streaks of my hair hot pink, and wear my love beads with a pretty skirt, and walk everywhere barefoot.

Some days, (okay, MOST days), I wish I had more children.  Like... ten.  

Some days I want to climb to the top of a tree, and look for birds nests and write poetry.

Some days I want to spend the day sipping tea and creating (attempting) art with oil pastels.

Some days I wish all the windows in my house where made of stained glass, and that the door bell sounded of chimes, and that I had an indoor glass room full of miniature fruit trees, some veggie plants, and lots and lots of succulents.  

Some days I wish that jasmine bloomed year round, and that tea never got cold unless you pour it over ice.

Some days I wish we had a shower in our back garden....large enough for two...with cedar walls, covered with flowering vines... raised stones to step on inside, and a wide bench along one wall... and the sky for the ceiling.

Some days I wish I never had to turn on the air conditioning or the heater... that we could safely leave our windows open all day and all night.... so we could awaken with the song of birds and the morning breeze every morning.. and at night go to sleep with the crickets and the owls... the wind in the trees, and the song of the world at night.

Some days I wish that fruit trees grew wild, everywhere.   Children playing outside could be free to pick one and eat whenever they wished.  The homeless wouldn't ever be hungry, and the sweet scent of blooms and succulent fruit would be ever be in the breeze.  

Some days I wish there were no fences; no walls... and that people and animals alike had freedom to roam as they wished safely without fear of harm or danger.

Some days I wish I were tiny enough to ride the backs of a bumblebee, or a dragonfly, or even a butterfly.... and could nap inside a flower.

And Some Days, I remember that in the grand scheme of things I really *am* tiny...  a drop in the ocean... a speck of sand on the beach... a speck of dust in a breeze...   I am but one small voice in the world.   But even the smallest voice can sing a song.  And a song can change the world.  


  1. yes...lovely post..and in the grand scheme of things God has a plan for everyone of us! and our one little being can make the world a better place!

    1. Thank you! :) And I agree.. there's a plan for all of us, and God knows it.. we must trust in Him! :)

  2. Lovely just like the author!