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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daisy Mae and Abigail

This post is nothing more than me bragging.   We have a yellow Labrador mix, Daisy Mae, whom we have had since we adopted her... this summer she will be, (I am not kidding), 15 years old.  Some creep had dumped the whole litter.  She was the runt.  The only yellow one, and the only female.  Half the size of her brothers, they wouldn't allow her to get any of the food.  When we got her, they literally told us not to bother.  She was starving... ribs showing.  Mange, kennel cough, broken tail.. and barely 8 weeks old, if that.  She should have still been with her Momma.  We adopted her anyway, and took her to the doggie emergency room.  Many dollars, shots, and me carrying her around literally for two months like a newborn baby, in my arms, hand feeding her (again, I am not kidding at all), fresh roasted turkey breast.  She loved it... it was tender, and easy for her to eat.. she loved how juicy it was.  I got it from the deli just for her, a few times a week, enough for a few days.  Hubby complained she was eating better than we were.  LOL Yeah, I know.. but she was a baby and she was sick.   Now Daisy Mae is an old girl, fat and sassy, and spoiled rotten.  Here she is, wanting a cookie. :)  How can anyone say no to this face?

Since Daisy has gotten up in age, we decided to get another dog... FOR Daisy.  A pet for our pet, if you will. :)  Daisy had been my eldest daughter's 4th birthday present.  I decided my youngest daughter needed 'her' own dog too.  Enter, Abigail.

Abigail, ("Abby"), was born on June 12, 2011.  And she was my youngest daughters 11th birthday present.  Yep, another Labrador.   (we like that breed as you can see!) All black, with a white tuxedo.  She was 8 weeks and 1 day old when we got her.  At that age, this was already her third home, I am sad to say.  She was homeless, and unwanted.  She was so adorable and sweet, but large breed dogs are not easy to find homes for... especially if they are not 'full blooded' (neither of our dogs are 'full blooded' but WHO CARES?!)   If you have large breed pups, you can barely find homes for them, and that's just a sad fact.  You cannot GIVE them away.  Look on Craigs list.  Page after page of people trying to find a "good home" for cats and dogs.  So sad...  but I digress....

Abby was just a fluff ball when we got her... so docile.. and the cutest fattest little bugger you ever saw.  We were immediately in love.  She cried the first two nights we had her... it broke my heart.  I almost caved and went and got her and brought her into the bed with us.  Good thing I didn't.  We found out very quickly she not only had worms, but she was covered in ticks.

Long story short, we had to have her wormed, and our house 'bombed' twice to kill them all.  (ticks)...PLUS Daisy had gotten them now too from the puppy... Arrgghh!!   That means we had to not only treat both dogs, but then remove not only ourselves but ALL our pets for a few hours... twice!   Thank the Lord that is all over with now.   Abby has now been spayed.. doggies are pest free.... and you know... I didn't think I'd ever love another dog as much as we have loved Daisy Mae.  But I loooooove me some Abby.   :)  

One thing about Labrador "puppies"... they are HORSES!!!  My "puppy" is now 60 lbs... and is already a fantastic guard dog.  God help us, LOL, she is going to get bigger.  She'll be bigger than Daisy...  but... Daisy was a runt so not as big as most labs.  Abby has had a healthier start in life.. not starved like poor Daisy was.

I don't know how much longer Daisy will be with us.  We will love her until it's time for her to go to "The Rainbow Bridge".  And love her and spoil her and treat her like the queen she is until that time.  Abby is not a 'replacement'.   Abby is our 'younger child'. :)

Abigail will get older, and she'll settle down and stop eating the newspaper and chewing up everything. :)  She'll learn "good doggie" manners, and she is going to be a wonderful, WONDERFUL dog, like our Daisy is.  Funny how different their personalities are.  Daisy is such a gentle sweet girl, who is a huge coward...very timid, very loving... and in her 14 and a half years of life, she has never caught on that she is a big dog.  She thinks she is a tiny little lap dog.  And we have never discouraged her thinking that way. :)  I love my big sweetie girl.

Abigail is a "bull in a china shop", so to speak. :)  A knucklehead.  A ruffian.  Feisty.  Energetic.  A jumper.  And WAY too smart for her own good.

So, this is our Abby... short for Abigail. :)  She's about twice as big now as she is in this picture.  But oh, isn't she PRETTY?!  :)


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